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Posted on April 29, 2016

  1. What is lacking in your faith? The Fix-it Shop-Filling Station

  2. Has Ted Cruz lost his mind?…

  3. The Erhu—The Chinese Violin

  4. Taller, stronger wall for White House planned; southern border still waiting…

  5. Just one more… or is it two?

  6. Intermission (6) – Fort MacDill, Tampa/St. Pete, FL

  7. Forever Ballerina

  8. Movement politics

  9. On the Maori claim to ownership of NZ’s water:

  10. Advertisements from long, long ago — For the Children™ edition

  11. Find the cat hiding among the owls!

  12. Sorry Ted: I’d Rather Not Fight, But It’s Time That I Switched

  13. America: Pray, Pray, Pray!!

  14. Government…

  15. Why the Right Book Reviews are So Important for Authors

  16. Snippet of The Day 04.28.16

  17. I’m Back….

  18. Color My World: Yellow Green

  19. 26/30 “Jamaican Bun”

  20. No one knows

  21. I Really Wanna Know

  22. Celebration

  23. Otwartość na zmiany   (Openness to change)

  24. Jujur Pada Diri Sendiri   (Honest In Yourself)

  25. Snow!

  26. My Thought of the Day – 4/28/16

  27. Betrayal..

  28. Reminding

  29. Disembarking The Organization Struggle Bus

  30. Apply To Be My Friend

  31. The last time

  32. FOTO DO DIA   (Photo Of The Day)

  33. Tent – Rob Goldstein 2014

  34. Can Quality Sleep Be A Factor In Preventing Diabetes?

  35. The Light

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