The Executive – Art by Rob Goldstein

The alarm rang and the radio spat news.

Bonwit Teller opened his eyes to a foggy San Francisco morning.

He threw off the comforter, angrily pulled down the shades, and
crawled back into bed.

The phone rang [one hell of a night before]

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Home schooling and me….. | toni1964blog

Home schooling and me…..

We are on the final stretch and I am Sooo glad…..However, I am not well versed in footnoting which hardly anyone does but our curriculum requires it. #6 is also a lazy learner so he is not really motivated to do research for a research paper that has to be done. That means I have to push and argue and pretty much hold his hand to get it done. It’s exhausting. The other 3 that I home schooled did their own research and completed it without much assistance from me.

He is also flying this year with no math because the hubs has ref[1+1=3]

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Image from: What numbers equal their number of letters?

Darkness before Dawn

Hello to all my WordPress friends, I’m still dealing with some difficult family issues, and still rising myself, from the swirling Stygian winter depths. but here is all my news so far: Sprin…[g]

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Monster Meet and Greet Mash – yadadarcyyada



I was working on my blog, late one night

When my eyes beheld an eerie sight

For my post from its slab, began to rise

And suddenly to my surprise It did the mash, it did the Monster Meet and Greet M…[monsters ahead]

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(My) Asperger’s / autism and trust  – the silent wave


Once upon a time, I trusted everyone.  The cashier at the grocery store was the perfect audience for a monologue about my rock collection.  When I got my hair styled for Grade 2 school pictures, th…[ ]

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