Tasmanian Tree Projects: an intimate portrait from an impossible perspective.

A view from above shows eucalyptus regnans outstripping the competition as the forest regenerates. Photograph: Steven Pearce/The Tree Projects

The Tree Projects team spent 67 days documenting one tree in the Styx valley of Tasmania

Source: Tasmanian Tree Projects: an intimate portrait from an impossible perspective | Australia news | The Guardian

  • The Guardian. 2017. Tasmanian Tree Projects: an intimate portrait from an impossible perspective | Australia news | The Guardian. [ONLINE] Available at: https://www.theguardian.com/au. [Accessed 31 January 2017].

Muslims Don’t Contribute to America? Think Again

A Faithful Word

Welcome to Chicago Now.
Welcome to Chicago Now.

In the Name of God: the Infinitely Merciful and Compassionate Beloved Lord It is a tired, old claim by Islamophobes that Muslims haven’t contributed to either the history or social fabric of this country. Michigan Republican National Committeeman Dave Agema recently waded into that muck by sharing a post that asked such questions as

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Source: Muslims Don’t Contribute to America? Think Again

Buddha-Direct 4517: FW: DoA#55: The Participatory Anthropic Principle


The Participatory Anthropic Principle


Lotus-offering-4 @ 3:55

Simile of the Cow’s Hide @ 12:04

Question 177: Are the Devas interested in humans? @ 29:39

Question 178: What is causing unusually repulsive, invasive, and unintentional thoughts?

Can this be Mara attacking? @ 39:27

Question 179: Was the Buddha silent, when asked about a Creator God? @ 49:50

The Participatory Anthropic Principle @ 59:29

Niels Bohr:


John Archibald Wheeler:


John von Neumann:


Eugene Wigner:


Simile of the Cow’s Hide Canonical text source:

Majjhima Nikaya MN 146: Nandakovada Sutta — Nandaka’s Exhortation {M iii 270}


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El Dualismo es la mayor lacra para nuestro pensamiento. | La Brújula

Dualism is the greatest scourge for our thinking.


Éste no se trata de un enfoque metafísico ni espiritual,sino más bien uno conceptual que abordará ese No-Dualismo que tanta falta le hace a esta sociedad para no estancarse más.Y es que ni más ni m…

Source: El Dualismo es la mayor lacra para nuestro pensamiento. | La Brújula

La verdadera historia sobre Hitler | La Brújula

What follows are not my beliefs since I know individuals who have been there however this is another attempt at = who knows why that I thought I would share – your comments appreciated here and at the original Blog


La pregunta más sonada de todo el siglo XX y muchos no se han atrevido a responder la por miedo a represalias.Hitler,¿Héroe o villano?¿Que hay detrás de su historia? L


Excerpt” The truth is that neither hero nor villain.Hitler was a Zionist Jew serving international Freemasonry obviously sponsored by the Rothschild family complete puppet and certainly be the largest piece of risk to the Zionist integrity (as it appears, Hitler commissioned of ” attack ” and disintegrate the identity of all Jews), ” (  care google via google mail) – well the drift sort of comes our way

Source: La verdadera historia sobre Hitler | La Brújula