It All Started That Night – THE BIG HOUSE and Other Stories


It All Started That Night

Posted on March 1, 2017

It all started that night when I wasn’t sure what she was asking me!

I thought it had something to do with skiing!?

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There were no shotguns

no contraception necessary

the sterile

marriage was secret

rushed through with hands in front of mouths: Source: Dowry

Two Roads Part 14 | Nutsrok

Two Roads Part 14

img_1697Over the next few years, their brood grew to include seven.  The boys were tall and strong, a lot of help to Eddie, so he didn’t need Neeley’s help so much.  A stern taskmaster, he was apt to take his belt to the boys should they dally.  When Will, their third son was about eight, he was given the task of planting corn as his older brothers made up the rows on either side of him.  The rows seemed to stretch on forever and his back ached with bending and planting four kernels per hills ten to twelve inches apart. He fell further and further behind.  Desperate to catch up, he buried a big pile of seed in one hill and caught up to his brothers.  It rid him of so much of the accursed seed, he….go to source : Two Roads Part 14 | Nutsrok

The Palace Of Sins |Ken N Speranza


Creative Works By: [Ken N Speranza]

The palatial mansion stood huge as its great artistic walls made it visible at the summits. The trees that surrounded the place made it look like a hidden paradise. It was situated on a hilly area such that everyone who paid residence to the area would perceive its rooftops. At the metallic electronic gate entrance, one would view the international standard swimming pool and a dozen nude strippers. As new time visitors to the place, we were marveled at the great sight of the ‘hidden insides’. All we saw before we ever had this great chance to get here was the rooftop chimney and the great walls surrounding the palace. Nothing more would be made credible of what lay inside the mansion.

Read the rest of the story: The Palace Of Sins | MELTING ICE TOWERS

Two Roads Part 1

If you enjoy these wonderfully delightful tales as I do, here is the beginning of two Roads of which I posted a much later episode the other day- may not have been here but on jessica’s blog I’ll link in when I have it – here it is no 10

Image from vintage postcard “Itchy, Scratchy Romance in the Hay”

Lloyd Wright wasn’t  the first boy Cassie Merrill had let go that far, just the one Ma  caught her with.  Right off, Ma sent Jep running for the preacher. Lloyd’s hateful old mama raged, swearing Cassie had trapped her boy and yelling she’d heard plenty about her “wild streak” long before Lloyd took up with her.  [ continued]

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Tales from the Basement and other dark places

This was my  contribution to a wonderful hour of spooky stories told in voice at Kultivate’s Scare Me Silly Fest on Sunday. It’s an older story, rewritten and embellished.  I will also be reading at Holly Kai on Oct 30 1:00 pm sl time for “Boo.” Check out Seanchai Library’s calendar of story telling events for the month.

Source: Tales from the Basement and other dark places