Zen Postcards Calendar February

By Alex Markovich.

Zen Postcard calendar 2016

zen-calendarWe had ordered one of Alex’s Calendars 17 days ago and the customer satisfaction survey arrived 2 or 3 days prior, by email – ? No Calendar.

This arrived yesterday – editing 30th October and as promised we took a photo of it on the wall to show the effect.

Error in interpretation – تعبیر کی غلطی

Source: Error in interpretation -تعبیر کی غلطی

From “ The Middle Nation’s Blog

Assalam o alaikum

At a time when Islam is being ridiculed by its own followers, the former head of Jamaat e Islami Sayyed Munawwar Hassan has shocked people by making an irresponsible statement. According to him, the chronic problems in Pakistan can only be resolved through armed conflict and jihad in the way of Allah. The Jamaat e Islami leadership is busy trying to contain the fall out from this statement but let us just remind our readers that whatever Munawwar Hassan has said is exactly in line with the ideology of the Jamaat and its founder, Maulana Maududi. The Maududi ideology of armed conflict found much praise across the ummah, also influencing Hassan al Banna and Sayyed Qutb in the Arab world, through whom it reached the Muslim Brotherhood……..

………However, this book has not yet been translated into English. We will therefore like to recommend a brilliant booklet to our readers, written in English, which offers an alternative explanation of the massive political expansion of Islam after the death of Prophet (SAW). The booklet is called ‘Playing God: Misreading a Divine Practice‘ and it also available for download in the library section.


If Utter mystery

Based on letters and talks of the Rebbe, Rabbi M. M. Schneerson
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