A Day Out with Jessica

Post by Andrew Blair.

Just a glimpse of us.

Yesterday was Easter Monday and we took a trip down the peninsula to La Perouse where we walked and took photographs had some lunch and then returned home tired and exhausted.

You notice my wife is in a wheelchair, it has made a difference to our relationship, it’s something I can’t deny.

Fittings things back into a faith perspective.

Making allowances for the things you can’t do.


Restrictions of being us


Hadith: Bukhari Shareef Online: Book 8: Prayers (Salat)

Did our Holy Prophet (S)pray in a Masjid which had Graves?

Its a common misrepresentation by the Salafis that they condemn the people & the act of praying at places or even masjids for that fact which have graves along with them. They avoid all such masjids though without shame they visit the Masjidun Nabawi which has 3 graves!!

It was strange to know that once an Imaam from Madeena had visited Sri Lanka once who rejected to pray in a Masjid which had graves!!

What do the Salafis expect from this? Do they want Muslims to be buried separately with the kuffar? Because all our grave yards are mostly along with the Masjid.

“Volume 1, Book 8, Number 471:

Narrated Hadith is about the various places on the way from Medina to Mecca where the Prophet prayed and their In locations impossible to translate.”

Hadith: Bukhari Shareef Online: Book 8: Prayers (Salat).

Heard Around the World: An Open Letter to the Archbishop of Canterbury

It find us on our way to victory when I hear a fellow Christian dare to stand for marriage equity within any denomination. When will christians be Christian?

Word Made Fresh


Dear Most Reverend Sir,

I greet you in the loving name of our Courageous Lord and Reigning Savior, Jesus Christ. I hail from the Diocese of West Missouri of the Episcopal Church in the United States of America. I write you this letter in response to your recent comments regarding marriage equality and its place in the Anglican Church (of which, as you know, the Episcopal Church is a part). More specifically, I write this letter in response to your comments regarding the effect that the American Church’s stance on marriage equality has had on Christians in Africa.

In your recent LBC radio interview, a woman inquired as to why the issue of marriage equality wasn’t being left up to the “consciences” of individual clergy the same way that remarriage after divorce was a few decades ago. In response you made a statement that I want to use as…

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