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By Allison Marie Conway.


There is something an artist does bravely, without asking and without being told.

There is no instruction manual on how to do this thing right or how to ensure it is “successful” by the world’s standards.

And yet just doing this one thing is reason enough for an artist to call himself a success.

It is the reason she does her most soulful, moving and beautiful creative work.

It’s happening now all across the world. You might be doing it.

In fact, I KNOW most of you are doing it (and doing it damn well, by the way, lovers, bravo).

What is this elusive thing the artist dares to do?

The artist claims the freedom he has been so given to create.

He dares perform such a rebellious act as turning a blank page / canvas / screen into something powerful by filling it with HIS words, colors, choices, perspective, imagery, sound, flavor, sweat, blood, tears, emotion, passion, sensation.

She dares turn the vacant emptiness – the astonishing, vacuous, menacing, punishing void – into the magic of HER idea. capturing and executing a vision out of what appears to be nothing at all.

By picking up a pen / instrument / paintbrush and turning the blank into an expression, the artist dares to use the freedom many are too afraid to claim.

And it may sound counter intuitive (okay: it sounds WICKED counter intuitive) but using our freedom to create is brave because freedom is scary.

No one tells us we are allowed and no one promises to be there when shit goes wrong. No one tells us how because there is no “how” there is only making this up as we go. No one knows what it takes unless they do it themselves. Most people do not use the creative freedom they have because they are afraid of the unfamiliar, of being in a wide open place that is uncertain, uncharted, uninhabited.

Fear of this vast, glorious freedom can hold us back unless we dare to claim it and step into it boldly, with confidence and faith. I believe the Universe is here to raise us up.  That we must do what we are afraid to do and trust that a Higher Energy is on our side and wants us to take the leap.

// because // 

i will take the menacing sunlight and turn it into
the softest rain
i know you like the
way it falls.
i will take the screaming and turn it into
the slightest steady breath
i know you like the way
and even as you twist your thorny
mind around such fears as being
being crucified lost banished mistreated
ridiculed threatened cheated
i will wait for you to let go
of them
as long as it takes, time doesn’t
matter the least bit to me.
i have been waiting all this time and i will wait
out eternity to see
you fly
to hold your head up high
to live as though i live
for you and know at last,


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