October 24 2014 — the Confessions of a Wanderer

I found this journal entry from October 24, 2014 and just felt the need to share it ….

These past few days have been rough. Living in a big city it’s very easy to feel alone and lost. I am constantly surrounded by people yet I just feel so alone.

It’s so hard being in […]

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How to say I Love you in Sign Language with a Review of Arrival starring Amy Adams & Jeremy Renner — Be Like Water

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Throughout the years, many have wonder of what our “first contact” with extraterrestrial life (alien) will be like. Will they be friendly? Will they be hostile? How will they look like? How will the general public regard these celestial beings? Will…

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Buddha-Direct 4479: An Unsurpassable Radiance :-)


Mental Release by Friendliness Outshines All!

The Blessed Buddha often emphasized:
Bhikkhus, whatever kinds of worldly merit there are, all are not worth one
sixteenth part of the release of mind by universal friendliness; in shining,
glowing and beaming radiance, such release of mind by universal friendliness
far excels and surpasses them all… Itivuttaka 27

See this good being is happy! How fine! How excellent! Let there be Happiness!
Let there indeed be Freedom! Let there indeed be Peace! Let there be Bliss….
Let there be Understanding of this good-will principle. Buddhaghosa

"May all beings be joyous and safe! Let every creature’s mind rejoice!
Let every single living being’s mind be exceedingly jubilant!" Exactly so
should one maintain an infinite friendliness for every single living being,
in gentle sympathy for this entire universe, unlimited, endless and vast!
This is the Divine Dwelling, while actually still down here. Buddha Gotama

The Bhikkhu pervades all beings with all-embracing friendliness …
The Bhikkhu encompass all beings with universal and endless pity …
The Bhikkhu permeates all beings with infinite and mutual joy …
The Bhikkhu suffuses all beings with unlimited equanimity … Digha Nikāya 33

May all creatures, all breathing things, all beings one and all, without exception,
experience good fortune only. May they not fall into any harm. Anguttara Nikāya II, 72

Thus he who both by day and by night takes delight in gentle harmlessness,
sharing love with all that lives, finds enmity with none. Samyutta Nikāya I 208

Video on Mettā Meditation on Friendliness:
How to cure Depression? https://vimeo.com/73424140

Metta Meditation As streaming audio and mp3 download:

More on this shining, radiating, all and everywhere beaming Friendliness:

An Unsurpassable Radiance 🙂

Have a nice and Noble day.

Friendship is the Greatest!
Bhikkhu Samāhita _/_ ]