The Weekly Headlines – My Daily Musing

The Weekly Headlines
Posted on April 22, 2017

Extra Extra

  1. Some beautiful music for Good Friday

  2. 6 things God is trying to tell you when your heart is broken

  3. Where Have All The Heroes Gone?

  4. Feed my sheep?

  5. Billy Graham’s Daughter WARNS Of What SHE BELIEVES God Is Doing

  6. Love, a little side note..

  7. Miracle? This time, the lions save the Christians

  8. Letting Go

  9. I am such a child..

  10. USA – Street Photography

  11. The Alcazaba

  12. From the VHS Vault: The Three Stooges in HAVE ROCKET, WILL TRAVEL (Columbia 1959)

  13. NY Senator Gets Annihilated on Twitter After Praising Sharia Law Activist Linda Sarsour

  14. Did Marine Le Pen just win the election?

  15. Blogging

  16. Jarrett: Obama going back to being a Community Organizer

  17. Know who your friends, enemies are

  18. Quote of the Day

  19. Supreme Court hearing case on state money being used for Lutheran playground…

  20. Fake News at The New York Times 


  22. Be happy. Stay happy

  23. CBI November Round-up

  24. Beautiful Monkey-Butt

  25. Chuckle Not

  26. Doggy Day Out

  27. Oh, to find your purpose in life!

  28. State Dept sued over funding Soros operations in Macedonia

  29. The Case for a Healthy Dose of Healthy Fats (and Where to Get ’em)

  30. Taliban claim MOAB bomb caused ‘detriments for the environment’

  31. Susan Rice’s road to fortune

  32. What Social Media Is Suppressing From France

  33. Quote of the Day

  34. I can’t brain today, I have the dumb — bored of education edition

  35. Find the panda!

  36. The Left Explains Why It Opposes Free Speech 

  37. Wisdom Wednesday

  38. My Striking Pen

  39. Why do bloggers take their blogs down?

  40. Running on Rabbit Power!

  41. Making Peace with Problems

  42. Sent to Serve

  43. VIDEO Trump Will NOT Roll Over For Google, Google pulled MB Obama’s strings

  44. Cleaning Out the DVR Pt 12: Too Much Crime On My Hands

  45. Sixteen Years Later and Apple Still Throttles Their Own Devices

  46. The Clintons: Anniversary of the Waco slaughter of 80 men women and children

  47. Chelsea forming swamp of support

  48. Quote of the Day

  49. Shooting Spree 3 dead. Shooter screaming Allahu Akabar…

  50. Serving them right 

  51. Mike Huckabee Just Unleashed on Comcast in a Twitter Storm We All Can Relate To

  52. He sank the sub!

  53. Thumbup!!

  54. A quiet birthday

  55. Walking On Sunshine Blog Hop – Will there be sunny bunnies?

  56. MSNBC: Border Wall a Problem Because Birds and Bats Might Not Be Able To Fly Over It

  57. Not illegal immigrant enough in LA

  58. Quote of the Day

  59. Advertisements from long, long ago — fabulous hair edition

  60. CalExit Activist Defects to Russia 

  61. Bam Bam’s Big Weekend Out


  63. 25 November 1944

  64. Weekend Coffee Post April 16, 2017

  65. Admire The God Of Free Grace

  66. Take it Easy

  67. John Bolton hits it on head with North Korea

  68. Daily

  69. States in financial trouble – Don’t move there

  70. ANTIFA Punk Gets A Nuclear

  71. Quote of the Day

  72. Some Thoughts on Missiles & Bombs

  73. Happy Easter

  74. Some beautiful music for Easter Sunday

  75. Sunday Fun Video: North Korea’s Failed Missile Launch

  76. The Perfect Flower

  77. Sunday Funnies!

  78. Why The Resurrection Matters

  79. Hints of Redemption

  80. VIDEO The Resurrection, The Cross, And The Persecution Of Christians In The Middle East – Islam, God, Jesus

  81. Flesh & Blood: Marilyn Chambers in RABID (New World 1977)

  82. 318: Tar Wars

  83. Your brother came too

  84. Can’t You Just Pretend To Be Nice?

  85. Daily Denver

  86. Happy Easter! He has Risen!

  87. Time for the US to stop arming its enemies

  88. Quote of the Day – Happy Pascha (or Easter to Western Christians)

  89. Some beautiful music for Holy Saturday

  90. Coastal Idiocy?

  91. Engr. Jethroefel Ramboyong: First UAE-based Pinoy Electrical Engineer to pass the ASEAN Engineer Registry


  93. Suspend Your Limiting Beliefs

  94. Today’s Choices, Tomorrow’s Consequences


  96. A Sea Of Darkness

  97. The Price Of Telling The Truth

  98. VIDEO Ron Paul Amazing “What If?” Speech

  99. From the Vaults: THE LIVING CHRIST SERIES- CRUCIFIXION & RESURRECTION (Cathedral Films 1951)

  100. Love Lee Spring

  101. RUSH: It’s Clear That The Democrats Are SCARED TO DEATH Of Bannon

  102. I found it!

  103. Evening Meditation 4-14-17

  104. Monster Meet and Greet Mash

  105. Judicial Watch Files Ethics Complaint Against Adam Schiff: ‘We Have Info Schiff Disclosed Classified Information’ (VIDEO)

  106. Flower

  107. Holy Saturday – Easter Vigil

  108. Ruffled Afghan feathers: tears of a clown

  109. Kim Jong Un has issues with aggressive “words”

  110. Did China Just Deliver A Major Slap Down To North Korea

  111. Quote of the Day

  112. Is it Just Me?

  113. Sick Sad World

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Dada sucks my Nipple its Claustrophobic Between your Noun

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An Interview with Harold Norse, Part Two: The Pain of Becoming Literate-Rob Goldstein 2017

I moved in with Norse in 1984 and spent my days writing and studying
film and literature.

Norse was drafting his memoirs.

We lived in a creative stew under the strain of the most devastating years
of the AIDS epidemic.

We both had good reason to think our lives would soon be over.

The pressure I placed on myself brought on the symptoms of florid DID.

My alternates were coming out and writing and Harold was responding
to them as ‘characters’

Norse gives me a rundown of what he liked or hated about a collection of poems I left for him one week in February 1985. He calls me ‘Bobby’ in the note and uses. ‘Bobby’s’ accent in the opening. Seems I also wrote a poem called ‘Jew-Boy’ that Norse thought was sick. I have no memory of ‘Jew-Boy’. One definitely had to be strong to ask Norse to critique one’s writing. What I loved about Norse was that I always knew I was getting the truth. He signs the note, ‘Your loving dementor’

Source: An Interview with Harold Norse, Part Two: The Pain of Becoming Literate

The Weekly Headlines – My Daily Musing

The Weekly Headlines


Breaking News

  1. In you, lies love.  

  2. “Bourbon Street Blues”

  3. The Wonder of You Blog Party

  4. Preparation In Changing My Retired WordPress Com Premium Tapestry Theme To An Active Theme

  5. Evening Meditation 4-6-17

  6. Assad lynch mob.

  7. She

  8. The removal of Steve Bannon was greatly exaggerated. Attends NSC meeting

  9. Taking A Long Walk With Stupid

  10. Quote of the Day

  11. Bug off

  12. Identity Politics Makes Fascists of Us All 

  13. A Time and A Season

  14. PROPHETIC UPDATE: The Year of the Sword, Passover and the World War Cycle

  15. Dancing in the Sky


  17. Smitty and Leyte

  18. Dear Ellen: The curse of the yellow slide

  19. Mid-Week Motivation

  20. Reports of Syria Removing Its Chemical Weapons Were Greatly Exaggerated

  21. Politicization A Central Threat

  22. Wisdom Wednesday

  23. Quote of the Day

  24. I can’t brain today, I have the dumb

  25. “We must not allow our creative protest to degenerate into physical violence.”

  26. Prayer is a bridge

  27. Love around you

  28. Saturate Yourself In Scripture

  29. God of Every Creature and Eternity

  30. Now I KNOW ya’all need a good belly laugh!

  31. Cockroaches Will Be Exposed: A Prophetic Warning for Church Leaders

  32. A Word Concerning President Donald Trump

  33. Behold the anti-Trumpers in all their glory…

  34. A Wise Old Owl

  35. VIDEO Two of the world’s most powerful men stand up to the global elite – Dem Thugs Driving Party Into Oblivion

  36. How Many Soldiers Does It Take To Arrest One Man?

  37. THE LOST WORLD (20th Century Fox 1960)

  38. The stench of ass-covering and incompetence:

  39. Wish Upon a Well

  40. Fake news is working, Trump’s poll numbers dropping

  41. Let’s just call her ‘Spreadsheet Suzie’

  42. Face value

  43. Andrew Napolitano on Susan Rice

  44. Quote of the Day

  45. It’s Good to Have a Patsy 

  46. Easy Question 

  47. What Pisses Me Off About The Susan Rice Unmasking Scandal

  48. Victory Over Da Agony Of Da Feet

  49. Old Enough, Finally.

  50. A Networking Thread-Please Read-

  51. ‘The Big Shut-Up’

  52. Smoking gun – Susan Rice lies, lies lies on T.V. UPDATE

  53. Mo-Bro still the undeclared terrorist org

  54. Susan Rice center of Unmasking-gate

  55. Obama’s Future

  56. Senate showdown over Judge Gorsuch nomination

  57. Quote of the Day

  58. Senior moments

  59. Silence Is Golden. Duct Tape Is Silver.

  60. TAXES…

  61. Points to Ponder 

  62. Short Flashback: Susan Rice on political espionage: I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT THIS (March 2017)

  63. BREAKING: Russian Bombing Traced Back To This Obama Deep State Operative

  64. Forgive them…

  65. Motivational Monday Moment– 4/3/2017

  66. Picture THIS!

  67. It won’t get any better

  68. “God be merciful to me a sinner.”

  69. VIDEO American Law Enforcement Officers: Do You Remember Your Oath? – Illegal Alien MS-13 Gang Members Charged

  70. Weekend Coffee Post April 02, 2017

  71. Evening Meditation 4-2-17

  72. Just because

  73. Snippet of The Day 04.02.17

  74. ‘Delingpole: EPA’s Scott Pruitt Gets Eaten Alive by Fox

  75. GOP could have Stopped Supremes Kagan and Sotomayor with a filibuster but did not

  76. Westinghouse down but not out

  77. If This Story Is True

  78. Quote of the Day

  79. Some beautiful music for Sunday

  80. Stupid People Doing Stupid Things 

  81. Tucker Carlson to Charles Murray critic George Ciccariello-Maher: “Your writing is crap”…

  82. Car Show – Athens, Alabama

  83. Bible reading…

  84. The No Prank Pledge!

  85. Inspirational quote for April (my birthday month)

  86. March snow on a beautiful day

  87. Democrats Are the Antifa Party

  88. This Is My Prayer

  89. VIDEO Why Is Trump Letting A Judge Push Him Around – Crime-Ridden Sanctuary City Chicago Can’t Have It Both Ways

  90. I Am Legend: THE OMEGA MAN (Warner Brothers 1971)

  91. Are We Compassionate In Our Ministry To Others?

  92. OPEN A BOOK…and you’ll open your mind

  93. Evening Meditation 4-1-17

  94. A very interesting article…….

  95. Daily Denver

  96. Chaplain Alliance asks Army Secretary to rescind last hour Obama Army Directive

  97. UBI: universal basic income

  98. The I-85 Fire & Collapse In Atlanta: Terrorism? Or Just Stupidity?

  99. Quote of the Day

  100. Happy April 1st

  101. Happy Caturday

  102. Evelyn Farkas’ body language when she tries to walk back her spying claims is amazing…

  103. Boom!

  104. Muslim Murder: Katie Hopkins, Bill Whittle tell it like it is…

  105. Friday happy dance

  106. Happy birthday, Joseph

  107. Quote of the day

  108. Katie Walsh? Fingers crossed

  109. TERRORISTS CAIR Orders U.S. Air Force to Ditch “Anti-Muslim” Counterterrorism Instructor

  110. I need some GOOD news

  111. On Firing Greatness In Others

  112. shadow


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An Interview With Harold Norse, Part One: The Art of Teaching – Art by Rob Goldstein

From – An Interview With Harold Norse, Part One: The Art of Teaching
Rob Goldstein

In 1992, I interviewed my friend and literary mentor, Harold Norse.

I moved in with Norse in July of 1984 and moved out in August of 1989 .

Source: An Interview With Harold Norse, Part One: The Art of Teaching – Art by Rob Goldstein

Go to An Interview With Harold Norse, Part Two: The pain of becoming literate- Rob Goldstein – Art by Rob Goldstein

The Weekly Headlines – My Daily Musing



Extra Extra

  1. Peace in Troubled Times

  2. How Can We Have Peace?

  3. A Case of Misadventure.

  4. Drudge: “Republicans Lied About Tax Cuts”, Wants His Vote Back

  5. He went there! Geraldo takes his turn mocking Rachel Maddow

  6. Homosexual Is a Dirty Word

  7. Early days…

  8. Plaintiff in Trump travel ban runs Muslim Brotherhood mosque

  9. Quote of the Day

  10. Friday happy dance

  11. Happy St. Patrick’s Day

  12. Pick Up A Penny

  13. Shay-God’s Plan

  14. 2nd Grader’s Innocent Plea To Burglar Who Targeted Her Family Is Inspiring The Internet.

  15. Woman Scopes Out Random Men On Street, Then Approaches Them With Flowers To See Their Reactions


  17. Gingrich On Trump Leaks, Tax Return – Prosecute Aggressively Or It Won’t Stop

  18. Breaking: Trump’s Private Legal Team Weighing Case Against MSNBC and Reporter David Johnston


  20. Hey McDonald’s, Why I Am Not Lovin’ It

  21. Slammo Bammo

  22. 72 Hours in Amsterdam

  23. A Turning Point in the American Revolution: the Battle of Guilford Courthouse and Washington’s Unknown Immortal

  24. Are You Wearing Your Killer Shoes?

  25. Lessons in Social Engineering: UPS or USPS?

  26. The Soft Bigotry of Low Expectations

  27. Replacement Milo 

  28. Conservative Radio Host Michael Savage Assaulted, Bloodied Outside San Francisco Restaurant

  29. Obama’s Third Term

  30. Some Changes

  31. Gutfeld: Maddow falls for Trump’s baited trap – video

  32. Juan McLame Unplugged

  33. Quote of the Day

  34. Beware the Ides of March

  35. Saving the Flag


  37. 12 Brutally Honest Notes From Kids That Are Sure To Make You Belly Laugh

  38. 3-Yr-Old Grabs Tiny Flag, Mimics Color Guard’s Routine In Cutest Performance.

  39. Carrots, eggs, and coffee.

  40. Evening Meditation 3-15-17

  41. Dobbs – Time For Disloyal Establishment Turncoat Ryan To Vacate Speaker’s Office


  43. Angela Merkel Betrays The German People

  44. Juicy fruit

  45. Big Changes Coming for Me!

  46. Got Writer’s Block? These 7 Tips Will Help.

  47. King Solomon, Besmirch Irony

  48. Wordless Wednesday

  49. You are here to stay.

  50. I Wanna Rock – Twisted Sister

  51. Wisdom Wednesday

  52. Stir Up

  53. Draining The Swamp, ‘Reorganize Gov’t Functions and Eliminate Unnecessary Agencies’ – America Deserves It

  54. Another Pie Day For Me!

  55. Left-Wing Propagandist Goes Nanners

  56. Does The Left Openly Hate the USA Pretty Much? 

  57. Paul Ryan on tape: ‘will never defend Donald Trump, not now, not in the future’

  58. Quote of the Day

  59. Unmasking Protestors – Could This Be A Way To Stop Them

  60. Let them eat pi

  61. Letting Kids Be Kids 

  62. Disney Censors Gay Content from ‘Beauty and the Beast’ to Appease Religious Extremists 

  63. Evening Meditation 3-14-17

  64. Green Cheese? No, it’s THE GREEN SLIME (MGM 1969)

  65. Nancy Pelosi Gets Roasted on Twitter After Asking People to Give Feedback on Obamacare

  66. Jeff Sessions needs to do more,much more….

  67. An Irish Blessing For You!

  68. Lou Dobbs: Speaker Paul Ryan Should Resign

  69. Just a Thought

  70. There’s snow falling in New York on March 14th…

  71. ZipADee has made me famous…

  72. A Party in the U.S.A.!

  73. Now Imagine They’re Syrian

  74. “Christian” is a lousy adjective

  75. Japan – Itsukushima

  76. I am

  77. Fired U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara loses job, convicted Dinesh D’Souza has lasts laugh

  78. Quote of the Day

  79. Appearances can be deceiving

  80. Happy Caturday — tail chasers edition

  81. New eyes…

  82. Some beautiful music for Sunday

  83. Evening Meditation 3-13-17

  84. Vos Demitto

  85. OUT OF THI WORLD – Home Redefined


  87. Webs, Grass, Sticks & Stones.. What are you focused on?!

  88. Lord never draws once agrees —

  89. Saltwater Murmur

  90. Thrown out with the bath water?

  91. October 1944 (6)

  92. O talentoso pintor cego que nunca enxergou nenhuma de suas obras   (The talented blind painter who has never seen any of his works)

  93. Motivational Monday Moment – 3/13/2017


  95. Jo’s Monday walk : A garden extravaganza

  96. Weekend Coffee Post 03/12/17

  97. Sandcastles in the Air

  98. The Gospel is nothing to be happy about

  99. Sunday Funnies!

  100. “The Lord is not slack concerning His promise.”

  101. VIDEO ‘Why Do RINOS Want to Hurt Trump’s Base?’

  102. Japan – Miyajima

  103. Enjoy the here and now

  104. Snippet of The Day 03.12.17

  105. Torturing Turpentine

  106. Merida. El Mundo Maya

  107. “Top Ten Reasons I am no longer a Leftist”

  108. Roman Polanski – the real truth, a child rapist

  109. Ivanka Trump Bakes Purim Pastries With Her Children 

  110. Quote of the Day

  111. God has Released his ARMORY of LOVE and the Church is Missing it

  112. Sunday Respite – ‘Let Freedom Ring’

  113. End of an Era: THE ROARING TWENTIES (Warner Brothers 1939)

  114. Mayday!

  115. Voters give the frozen boot to scheming mayor forcing refugee resettlement on Vermont’s Town

  116. Quote of the Day

  117. You Just Can’t Expect Brown Foreigners to Share Western Values, Apparently

  118. It’s Saturday: Let’s talk about mechanically separated chicken…

  119. Friday happy dance

  120. Retired Themes & China Cat’s Survey

  121. The Desires of Your Heart

  122. Smart Move – Trump Takes Key Cabinet Team To Secure Location….

  123. Snippet of The Day 03.11.17

  124. Finding Answers In Easy Places: Self Respect, Love & Relationships

  125. Love

  126. Caring

  127. The Road Taken

  128. Just a Thought

  129. Six word Saturday


  131. What You Don’t Know


  133. VIDEO ATF Agents Involved in Obama’s Fast and Furious Operation Subpoenaed

  134. Feel Good Story of the Day – Baby Crashes Daddy’s News Interview (VIDEO)

  135. Hang In There And Don’t Give Up!

  136. Daily Denver

  137. Who in the world was Michael Hastings who died in a fiery car crash?

  138. Spring Cleaning in Climate Change Isle

  139. President Trump’s Weekly Address

  140. Quote of the Day

  141. Haters Gotta Hate

  142. I See London, I See France. I See CNN’s Underpants.

  143. Protest exhaustion, TrumpCare, Deep State, and Samantha Bee…


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