An Interview with Harold Norse, Part 1, Section 3– Saints and Self-Destruction 21 June 2917

An Interview with Harold Norse, Part 1, Section 3– Saints and Self-Destruction

A section of W.H. Auden’s letter to Harold Norse from the Contemporary Authors Autobiography Series

I ask Norse about his drive to write poetry.

He feels like a man without category.

He is not from the élite and he is not entirely of the poor.

He is not working class but he is not rich.

Norse was 53 in 1969, the year of the Stonewall Riots.

He was 60 when he published Carnivorous Saint and became
the poetic voice of the gay liberation movement. [here ]



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An Interview with Harold Norse, Part 1, Section 3– Saints and Self-Destruction


Not so long ago my wife and I commented that the LGBT community had become divided in over classifying ourselves until we are become but splinters of humanity. We are human beings with every right to Be, yet it may take us many years to realize that we are part of a continuum in which so called straight and gl folk form the outliers of the continuum with the centre or average position filled by Bisexual folk. Likewise the spectrum of Gender is not an either or and kind of thing but another continuum in which some are both asexual and non gendered while others switch from one to the other as it suits. These may be referred to as Pan Gendered. ( Norrie May Welby; Norrie May-Welby – Pangendered) Norrie May-welby is an aquaintance of ours, as was the late Carmen Rupee, originally a Lay Girl and snake dancer then Transgender woman. carmen once was a member of our Community

The 60s and earlier were frightful times for the Rainbow Community, and but for the scientific and psychiatric understanding of the nature of the human, I might almost say” That was then, this is now”

But I cannot since bigotry is ingrained, cellular, molecular, someone must be there who I believe is anathema to make me feel valid!

10 things i’ve learned-from living abroad-12 June 2017


10 things i’ve learned (from living abroad) – Post gone missing

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My adventure of living abroad so far has been exciting, fun and incredible. It’s been full of countless ups and downs and enough memories to last a lifetime. But along the way I’ve gotten the opportunity to learn more about myself and so much more about the world that I live in (after all that was some of the motivation behind me taking on these adventures). I feel that I have learned countless life lessons that I will hold with me forever. Sometimes you have to take the leap and push yourself far outside of your comfort zone, and there in that space is where you learn the most.

Sometimes I get impatient 9 June 2017

I’ve said before (probably too many times) that as an Asperger’s/autistic person, I tend to think and process information differently.

I think I repeat this tidbit fairly often because a precious few members of the general public seem to understand (except of course, for the awesome people reading blogs like these!).  The world at large is still stuck in “Autism Is a Pathology” Land.

Yada, yada.

Not only do I process the world differently, but I tend to operate differently in pretty much every aspect of life.

There’s no harm in that.  Left to my devices, there’s not even much difficulty in that.

But I can’t live left to my own devices for prolonged periods of time, of course.  The way my life works, I do depend on other people.  I do crave their company (at least some of them, at least most of the time).

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The Lewis & Clark Series – Part One

Written By Samantha James 

The Lewis & Clark series is dedicated to my eldest nephew. He is reading a Lewis and Clark novel in school. The kid told me I should write about them. I could not have agreed  more! I love you nephew of mine. I hope you enjoy reading aunties article! 

The story of Meriwether Lewis and William Clark is one of the most fascinating pieces of American History. It all begins when President Thomas Jefferson longed to explore the west. He had dreams and imagined all the benefits that this could bring to the young and growing country. President Jefferson thought the U.S could only prosper from such an expedition if it were a successful one. This would be especially true if the U.S could find a route to the Pacific Ocean. It would open up a lot of opportunities. Thomas Jefferson decided to put all his plans in motion to get an expedition started. The first thing the president would need in order to achieve this mission was money. Jefferson wrote to congress on the matter, he said …


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(My) Asperger’s / autism and trust  – the silent wave


Once upon a time, I trusted everyone.  The cashier at the grocery store was the perfect audience for a monologue about my rock collection.  When I got my hair styled for Grade 2 school pictures, th…[ ]

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About us – Eastern Region Woodturners Inc


Eastern Region was started in 1985-1986 by Jim Dorbis while a student of woodturning at a College of Technical and Further Education. Things were hard in the beginning but at the same time exciting.

Eastern Region is the smallest of all the Sydney Woodturners Guild Regions but it is well supported. Most of the members are working and often lack time to devote to their hobby but are emphatic that the eastern region will survive.

In the early days of the Region, woodturners met  at Jim Dorbis’s premises, after which the meeting were held in various other members workshops which was a good way of seeing other peoples woodturning tools and equipment and approach to work turning safety. The members found this approach very practical. At the end of 2014, we had the opportunity to move into our own workshop in Malabar which is now our home.

Eastern Region is a miniature United Nations woodturning club with members originating from Sweden, Italy, Egypt, Israel and Malta. Some members even come from Sydney. {   }



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