Darkness before Dawn

Hello to all my WordPress friends, I’m still dealing with some difficult family issues, and still rising myself, from the swirling Stygian winter depths. but here is all my news so far: Sprin…[g]

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Euclid: Detector delivery marks another milestone

Euclid: Detector delivery marks another milestone; Cassini: Countdown to grand finale; Announcements: ESA identifies new science ideas for future space missions


ESA’s Euclid mission has passed another important milestone with the delivery of the first three state-of-the art detectors for the Near-Infrared Spectrometer and Photometer instrument. Read more: http://sci.esa.int/jump.cfm?oid=59050

After nearly 13 years in orbit around Saturn, the international Cassini-Huygens mission is about to begin its final chapter: the spacecraft will perform a series of daring dives between the planet and its rings, leading to a dramatic final plunge into Saturn’s atmosphere on 15 September. Read more: http://sci.esa.int/jump.cfm?oid=59046


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Conquer Chiari

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The Weekly Headlines – My Daily Musing

The Weekly Headlines
Posted on April 22, 2017

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  1. Some beautiful music for Good Friday

  2. 6 things God is trying to tell you when your heart is broken

  3. Where Have All The Heroes Gone?

  4. Feed my sheep?

  5. Billy Graham’s Daughter WARNS Of What SHE BELIEVES God Is Doing

  6. Love, a little side note..

  7. Miracle? This time, the lions save the Christians

  8. Letting Go

  9. I am such a child..

  10. USA – Street Photography

  11. The Alcazaba

  12. From the VHS Vault: The Three Stooges in HAVE ROCKET, WILL TRAVEL (Columbia 1959)

  13. NY Senator Gets Annihilated on Twitter After Praising Sharia Law Activist Linda Sarsour

  14. Did Marine Le Pen just win the election?

  15. Blogging

  16. Jarrett: Obama going back to being a Community Organizer

  17. Know who your friends, enemies are

  18. Quote of the Day

  19. Supreme Court hearing case on state money being used for Lutheran playground…

  20. Fake News at The New York Times 


  22. Be happy. Stay happy

  23. CBI November Round-up

  24. Beautiful Monkey-Butt

  25. Chuckle Not

  26. Doggy Day Out

  27. Oh, to find your purpose in life!

  28. State Dept sued over funding Soros operations in Macedonia

  29. The Case for a Healthy Dose of Healthy Fats (and Where to Get ’em)

  30. Taliban claim MOAB bomb caused ‘detriments for the environment’

  31. Susan Rice’s road to fortune

  32. What Social Media Is Suppressing From France

  33. Quote of the Day

  34. I can’t brain today, I have the dumb — bored of education edition

  35. Find the panda!

  36. The Left Explains Why It Opposes Free Speech 

  37. Wisdom Wednesday

  38. My Striking Pen

  39. Why do bloggers take their blogs down?

  40. Running on Rabbit Power!

  41. Making Peace with Problems

  42. Sent to Serve

  43. VIDEO Trump Will NOT Roll Over For Google, Google pulled MB Obama’s strings

  44. Cleaning Out the DVR Pt 12: Too Much Crime On My Hands

  45. Sixteen Years Later and Apple Still Throttles Their Own Devices

  46. The Clintons: Anniversary of the Waco slaughter of 80 men women and children

  47. Chelsea forming swamp of support

  48. Quote of the Day

  49. Shooting Spree 3 dead. Shooter screaming Allahu Akabar…

  50. Serving them right 

  51. Mike Huckabee Just Unleashed on Comcast in a Twitter Storm We All Can Relate To

  52. He sank the sub!

  53. Thumbup!!

  54. A quiet birthday

  55. Walking On Sunshine Blog Hop – Will there be sunny bunnies?

  56. MSNBC: Border Wall a Problem Because Birds and Bats Might Not Be Able To Fly Over It

  57. Not illegal immigrant enough in LA

  58. Quote of the Day

  59. Advertisements from long, long ago — fabulous hair edition

  60. CalExit Activist Defects to Russia 

  61. Bam Bam’s Big Weekend Out


  63. 25 November 1944

  64. Weekend Coffee Post April 16, 2017

  65. Admire The God Of Free Grace

  66. Take it Easy

  67. John Bolton hits it on head with North Korea

  68. Daily

  69. States in financial trouble – Don’t move there

  70. ANTIFA Punk Gets A Nuclear

  71. Quote of the Day

  72. Some Thoughts on Missiles & Bombs

  73. Happy Easter

  74. Some beautiful music for Easter Sunday

  75. Sunday Fun Video: North Korea’s Failed Missile Launch

  76. The Perfect Flower

  77. Sunday Funnies!

  78. Why The Resurrection Matters

  79. Hints of Redemption

  80. VIDEO The Resurrection, The Cross, And The Persecution Of Christians In The Middle East – Islam, God, Jesus

  81. Flesh & Blood: Marilyn Chambers in RABID (New World 1977)

  82. 318: Tar Wars

  83. Your brother came too

  84. Can’t You Just Pretend To Be Nice?

  85. Daily Denver

  86. Happy Easter! He has Risen!

  87. Time for the US to stop arming its enemies

  88. Quote of the Day – Happy Pascha (or Easter to Western Christians)

  89. Some beautiful music for Holy Saturday

  90. Coastal Idiocy?

  91. Engr. Jethroefel Ramboyong: First UAE-based Pinoy Electrical Engineer to pass the ASEAN Engineer Registry


  93. Suspend Your Limiting Beliefs

  94. Today’s Choices, Tomorrow’s Consequences


  96. A Sea Of Darkness

  97. The Price Of Telling The Truth

  98. VIDEO Ron Paul Amazing “What If?” Speech

  99. From the Vaults: THE LIVING CHRIST SERIES- CRUCIFIXION & RESURRECTION (Cathedral Films 1951)

  100. Love Lee Spring

  101. RUSH: It’s Clear That The Democrats Are SCARED TO DEATH Of Bannon

  102. I found it!

  103. Evening Meditation 4-14-17

  104. Monster Meet and Greet Mash

  105. Judicial Watch Files Ethics Complaint Against Adam Schiff: ‘We Have Info Schiff Disclosed Classified Information’ (VIDEO)

  106. Flower

  107. Holy Saturday – Easter Vigil

  108. Ruffled Afghan feathers: tears of a clown

  109. Kim Jong Un has issues with aggressive “words”

  110. Did China Just Deliver A Major Slap Down To North Korea

  111. Quote of the Day

  112. Is it Just Me?

  113. Sick Sad World

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