The Month of Shaaban and Misconceptions Related to its Virtues


15tn Shaa’ban was May 09 2017,

Ramadan is soon with us here in Australia the date will be Saturday, May 27, 2017.

Based on the ahadith of the Prophet and the interpretation of the ahadith, it is mustahab to fast a great deal in the month of Shaa’ban.  It was narrated that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) used to fast the whole of Sha’baan. Ahmad (26022), Abu Dawood (2336), al-Nasaa’i (2175) and Ibn […]

Source: The Month of Shaaban and Misconceptions Related to its Virtues

The Lewis & Clark Series – Part One

Written By Samantha James 

The Lewis & Clark series is dedicated to my eldest nephew. He is reading a Lewis and Clark novel in school. The kid told me I should write about them. I could not have agreed  more! I love you nephew of mine. I hope you enjoy reading aunties article! 

The story of Meriwether Lewis and William Clark is one of the most fascinating pieces of American History. It all begins when President Thomas Jefferson longed to explore the west. He had dreams and imagined all the benefits that this could bring to the young and growing country. President Jefferson thought the U.S could only prosper from such an expedition if it were a successful one. This would be especially true if the U.S could find a route to the Pacific Ocean. It would open up a lot of opportunities. Thomas Jefferson decided to put all his plans in motion to get an expedition started. The first thing the president would need in order to achieve this mission was money. Jefferson wrote to congress on the matter, he said …


via The Lewis & Clark Series – Part One : The Beginning Of A Grand Westward Adventure With The Cunning Corps Of Discovery — The Historical Diaries: Looking Into Our Past

Buddha-Direct 4593: Dhamma on Air #60: Relativity – Relational Reality


Space-time is Relational!!

There is No "Same Time". Lengths can Contract! Time can Dilate!

Albert Einstein’s Relativity corresponds to Early Buddhism’s Conditional Relation…

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The incredible images of the man who loves to photograph mountains but is petrified by fear of height | VIVIMETALIUN



Whoever sees the images made by the Polish Jakub Polomski should soon imagine him venturing into climbing dangerous places to capture the beautiful photographs he makes of mountains, his favorite subject. We could scarcely imagine that he trembles with fear while enduring height.

Alpes, Switzerland

He says he has tried to challenge himself to climb to the top of the mountains a few times, but he always ends up with his legs shaking as the rest of his body becomes paralyzed. Most of his photos are made from places that anyone, even without climbing ability, can reach.


Dolomites, Italy

This is not the only curiosity about his career. He started shooting at age 20 after reading an issue of National Geographic magazine. Jakub asked for the camera of a friend on loan and began taking pictures of landscapes. He published them in photo forums and took the advice  to improve his technique. [more]

Source: As incríveis imagens do homem que ama fotografar montanhas mas morre de medo de altura | VIVIMETALIUN