The Executive – Art by Rob Goldstein

The alarm rang and the radio spat news.

Bonwit Teller opened his eyes to a foggy San Francisco morning.

He threw off the comforter, angrily pulled down the shades, and
crawled back into bed.

The phone rang [one hell of a night before]

Source: The Executive – Art by Rob Goldstein

I’ll Be Seeing You – In Memory of Kit – – Art by Rob Goldstein

My best friend Kit was a bit of a twit before he got sick, but
he was brilliant and passionate about gay liberation.

Our friendship was based on mutual geekiness.

Kit tinkered with a Mac or a Tandy while I wrote poetry and
listened to Pattie Smith through my headphones.

It was the third year of the AIDS epidemic.

We sat over coffee at the Cafe Flore on a bright
Mediterranean day in San Francisco.

Source: I’ll Be Seeing You – In Memory of Kit – – Art by Rob Goldstein


Written from the Dental Hospital between 10,00 am and 10.40 am this morning

Dear friends, you may have noticed that it has been quit up here. Some of you know that  have been in hospital doing Video telemetry for Jessoca’ s epilepsy.

Well trouble struck for me the following Monday when we attended St. Vincent’s hospital. I HAD A SECIZURE ON THE BUS coming in to the appointment and then had a headach focused on mt left occipital lobe and was seeind double. I WENT TO EMERGENCY  as if one visit wasn’t enough- spent the entire day fom 8 until 2, Had a cat scan, chest x ray, eeg, ecg, to rule out stroke and minor heart attack, then it was decided I had had a peculiar post ichtal reaction. Will be seeing my Neurogist Friday week.

It is now 5 minutes after 11 pm , I have had an inpression made for my dentures and paid the excess for the superior base which will give me opportunity to actually taste the food I eat.

My phone is too flate to abstract its phots, as is the phone which is making me more than annoyed. I hope to return to my regular postings soon.

Also to the Parish one which have suffered just as woefully as this one.

An Interview with Harold Norse, Part Two: The Pain of Becoming Literate-Rob Goldstein 2017

I moved in with Norse in 1984 and spent my days writing and studying
film and literature.

Norse was drafting his memoirs.

We lived in a creative stew under the strain of the most devastating years
of the AIDS epidemic.

We both had good reason to think our lives would soon be over.

The pressure I placed on myself brought on the symptoms of florid DID.

My alternates were coming out and writing and Harold was responding
to them as ‘characters’

Norse gives me a rundown of what he liked or hated about a collection of poems I left for him one week in February 1985. He calls me ‘Bobby’ in the note and uses. ‘Bobby’s’ accent in the opening. Seems I also wrote a poem called ‘Jew-Boy’ that Norse thought was sick. I have no memory of ‘Jew-Boy’. One definitely had to be strong to ask Norse to critique one’s writing. What I loved about Norse was that I always knew I was getting the truth. He signs the note, ‘Your loving dementor’

Source: An Interview with Harold Norse, Part Two: The Pain of Becoming Literate

An Interview With Harold Norse, Part One: The Art of Teaching – Art by Rob Goldstein

From – An Interview With Harold Norse, Part One: The Art of Teaching
Rob Goldstein

In 1992, I interviewed my friend and literary mentor, Harold Norse.

I moved in with Norse in July of 1984 and moved out in August of 1989 .

Source: An Interview With Harold Norse, Part One: The Art of Teaching – Art by Rob Goldstein

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Video- telemetry

For the next week Jessica will be be here at the Prince of Wales hospital in Rand wick for a Video Eeg to decide which type of seizures she currently experiences.

I am here as the observer to press the button when an episode occurs.  Am in a sofa bed.

The cortisone injections have finally worn off and I am in pain again.

Jessica looks like an alien with all the wires hooked up, she is on a long leash, though can remove the module to visit the little room.

Posts won’ do their justice for you until we are home.

Noise and Sly Comment – Art by Rob Goldstein


Over, I say over,
The sum of all
we deem holy
in pink, in pink
twitters and sly [ ]

(c) RG 2017

Source: Noise and Sly Comment – Art by Rob Goldstein