The incredible images of the man who loves to photograph mountains but is petrified by fear of height | VIVIMETALIUN



Whoever sees the images made by the Polish Jakub Polomski should soon imagine him venturing into climbing dangerous places to capture the beautiful photographs he makes of mountains, his favorite subject. We could scarcely imagine that he trembles with fear while enduring height.

Alpes, Switzerland

He says he has tried to challenge himself to climb to the top of the mountains a few times, but he always ends up with his legs shaking as the rest of his body becomes paralyzed. Most of his photos are made from places that anyone, even without climbing ability, can reach.


Dolomites, Italy

This is not the only curiosity about his career. He started shooting at age 20 after reading an issue of National Geographic magazine. Jakub asked for the camera of a friend on loan and began taking pictures of landscapes. He published them in photo forums and took the advice  to improve his technique. [more]

Source: As incríveis imagens do homem que ama fotografar montanhas mas morre de medo de altura | VIVIMETALIUN

About us – Eastern Region Woodturners Inc


Eastern Region was started in 1985-1986 by Jim Dorbis while a student of woodturning at a College of Technical and Further Education. Things were hard in the beginning but at the same time exciting.

Eastern Region is the smallest of all the Sydney Woodturners Guild Regions but it is well supported. Most of the members are working and often lack time to devote to their hobby but are emphatic that the eastern region will survive.

In the early days of the Region, woodturners met  at Jim Dorbis’s premises, after which the meeting were held in various other members workshops which was a good way of seeing other peoples woodturning tools and equipment and approach to work turning safety. The members found this approach very practical. At the end of 2014, we had the opportunity to move into our own workshop in Malabar which is now our home.

Eastern Region is a miniature United Nations woodturning club with members originating from Sweden, Italy, Egypt, Israel and Malta. Some members even come from Sydney. {   }



Source: About us – Eastern Region Woodturners Inc

Salton Sea Shorebirds~Cindy Knoke

Cindy Knoke


Snowy Egret hunting for dinner,


plunges his beak,
Night Herons, White Faced Ibis, Snowy Egrets and Great White Herons, block my path!

Source: | Cindy Knoke [continues]

– Portrait on order – Belgorod

Portrait on order – Belgorod
Let me introduce you to my good friend Nikolai Mikhailovich Alexeev. Nikolai – a professional artist, lives in Belgorod.

Nicholas draws portraits and cartoons to order. Technique: pencil or oil.

Portrait oil or pencil – the perfect gift to your loved ones or friends, and the cartoon will be very cool look on your avatar.


March 2015. Cafe “Calypso” (Belgorod). Opening of “The February dialogues” (sketches of four artists with an open-air in February 2015). Nikolai Alekseev draws portraits of visitors cafe.



Source: Портрет на заказ – Белгород – Фотограф – Белгород