Pravčická brána arch

We are staring at a magnificent landscape near the German border in the far north of the Czech Republic. Pravická brána, the largest sandstone arch in Europe, is one of the region’s most well-known landmarks. It is a magnificent creation that is also incredibly picturesque. It is about 15 metres high and spans over 27 metres.

. (The Falcon’s Nest, inn was built in 1826, by the Pravčická brána. In 1881, Prince Edmund of Clary-Aldringen built the Hotel “Sokolí hnízdo” (English: Falcon’s Nest) with 50 beds.a 19th-century vacation chateau perched tightly against the arch’s cliffs, adds to the spectacle and is not visible in our image.) The stone bridge was originally open for visitors to cross, but excessive use and ongoing degradation have ended that aspect of the experience. However, the Elbe Sandstone Mountains’ soaring arch provides a stunning sight

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