The weekly headlines

  1. “Refugee Resettlement” is a Money Making Scam…

  2. An OMG Moment with The Ross Sisters

  3. The Shepherd Will Gather His Sheep

  4. “Humans Love Dogs More Than Other People…”

  5. You need to leave your church, as soon as possible

  6. The Last Peter Piper

  7. Facebook, Twitter Drop Bombshell On Trump Russia Collusion – Evidence Of Hillary Not Trump Collusion

  8. Bad Company Corrupts Good Morals

  9. Making My Life Count ~

  10. Failure is a Positive

  11. Why Americans Fear The Flu, But Don’t Fear Type 2 Diabetes

  12. Donna Brazile Says Hillary Bought the DNC Before She Was a Nominee

  13. The Helper

  14. Justice Department Threatening To Pull All Of California’s Grant Money

  15. Honor Society

  16. Antifa Chic


  17. Toby Manhire, you make me vomit.

  18. Pinpricks of light amid the darkness

  19. McCain aide avoiding subpoena who handled Trump Dossier in lawsuit

  20. Quote of the Day

  21. MSM and Liberal Congress Members may have Blood on their Hands this weekend

  22. This is what happens when you send your husband to the store for bananas…

  23. Wild Bill: Good Bye Mom…

  24. Sean Hannity: Tick Tock – Hillary Clinton Rigged and Stole the Primary from Bernie…

  25. Alice in Wormwood, Yoga Pants Edition

  26. DoD to run Solar Blackout Drills Nov. 4-6; Same Day Antifa, #DisruptJ20 Protests will Demand Trump/Pence Step Down

  27. Councilwomen Remove Veteran Memorial, Citizens Respond (Photos)


  29. The Hookup On: Holiday Shopping

  30. King Solomon, Lone Wolf or Sharia Supremacists?

  31. It’s Wednesday

  32. Eastern Canada Bucket List

  33. The Fisherless Fishermen

  34. Judge Roy Moore Holds Commanding 17-Point Lead in Alabama, Has ‘United’ Republicans Behind Him

  35. I Thank God ~

  36. Raising Our Kids Right

  37. Iquique Chile—La Perla Del Pacifico

  38. Worst Political Campaign Ad of All Time !

  39. Hope for today: create in me a pure heart

  40. A very dangerous parrot

  41. Them Slopes, They Be Slippery


  42. The Media’s Islamic Double Standard-

  43. Baby, it’s cold outside

  44. How people had fun in the pre-digital era

  45. Watch Sen. Chuck Schumer Shower Praise on Diversity Visa Lottery in 2006

  46. Top 50 Blogging Quotes From Top Bloggers

  47. How Dating Is Like Trick Or Treating

  48. Net Neutrality I Hardly Knew You

  49. Quote of the Day

  50. Allahu Akbar does not mean “God is Great”…

  51. Sean Hannity and Kevin Sorbo deliver an exceptional movie: Let There Be Light…

  52. The Birds and the Bees-Talking to Boys

  53. Tears and Prayers


  55. Drunk John Boehner Unloads on Freedom Caucus and Paul Ryan

  56. A day in Kim Jong-un ‘s life

  57. Broncos

  58. Challenge accepted


  59. Sponsor a Millennial Today

  60. Terror attack New York

  61. NYC terrorist strike came via ‘Diversity Visa Program’ thank Chuck Schumer

  62. Enter At Your Own Risk

  63. Russia’s infowars by media and Left

  64. The Left Has Blood On Its Hands In Manhattan

  65. Quote of the Day

  66. Trump’s attorney Jay Sekulow discusses Paul Manafort on fake news channel CNN…

  67. DEVELOPING: 200 Dead In North Korea

  68. beary-sweet all hallow e’en!

  69. Darkness falls across the land

  70. You Call It Halloween, I Call It The Day Before Candy Sales Begin

  71. Animal Round Up For Halloween

  72. Halloween Havoc! Extra: Vincent Price Does “The Monster Mash”

  73. Happy Politically Incorrect Halloween



  76. Is It Time for You To Make An Attitude Adjustment?

  77. Commie Bill De Blasio’s GOP Challenger Nicole Malliotakis Calls for Probe into Pay-to-Play Claims

  78. God Heals the Broken Heart ~

  79. How to get your husband to make dinner

  80. WikiLeaks: Email Shows Bernie Sanders Was Paid Off to Support Hillary

  81. Halloween Havoc!: THE SMILING GHOST (Warner Brothers 1941)

  82. In the Age of Fake Everything: What IS and ISN’T “Racist”

  83. Halloween at the cemetery

  84. Falling

  85. Is This Real?


  86. The Manafort Indictment-Much to do about nothing

  87. Bill Nye to dress up as real scientist for Halloween

  88. Halloween funnies

  89. Trick or treat

  90. In Search of Common Sense

  91. Democrats run the most despicable ad ever against Ed Gillespie

  92. Searching for a reason

  93. Quote of the Day

  94. Hey Y’all….

  95. Chicken Hawk Kevin Spacey announces to world he’s a sodomite…

  96. Weight Watchers Week 2

  97. New Book Giveaway Starting in November

  98. Christmas at Carnton: A Novella by Tamera Alexander

  99. Congress Has Special Fund to Payout Sexual Harassment Victims

  100. Social Justice Pizza?

  101. Haunted Pocatello

  102. A Spooky Haiku

  103. It’s easy to forget, what family means.

  104. Liberals On Parade

  105. …let your light shine…

  106. Monday Motivation – 10.30.17

  107. Sunday in Black and White

  108. Former NFL Player Starts “Dear Flag” Campaign For Veterans, Athletes, Youth (video)

  109. God’s Storehouse ~

  110. Sunday Funnies!

  111. Is religion the root of all evil?

  112. A Failure at Kindness

  113. A Leader Must Show Himself To Be a Team Player

  114. VIDEO Dear Flag – This Was the Week Steve Bannon Really Took Control of the GOP

  115. Wrapped

  116. Halloween Havoc!: THEM! (Warner Brothers 1954)

  117. Hypocrisy: Twitter bans Roger Stone for mean tweets about CNN hosts, lets liberals threaten murder

  118. Everything Is An Act Of Love

  119. Happy International Cat Day

  120. Who can believe politicians ?

  121. Daily Denver

  122. Ain’t This a Curious Thing?


  123. The Global Failure of Globalism

  124. AG Sessions says he will not prosecute Clinton or any deep state criminals

  125. Lest We Forget…To Shop

  126. Trey Gowdy – Fox News Sunday

  127. Quote of the Day

  128. Playing in the Rain

  129. Some Inspiration for Sunday…

  130. “It’s time…Time to shut it down. Turn the tables. And lock [Hillary Clinton] up.” Jeanine Pirro‏

  131. I have learned by Experience:  theunfetteredpreacher

  132. Halloween TV Havoc!: Boris Karloff in “The Crystal Ball” (from THE VEIL TV Series, 1958)

  133. Relaxing!

  134. Deep State Stalling: The FBI Recovered 72,000 Pages of Clinton Records, Court Orders Explanation on Processing

  135. A Hard Worker Who Experienced God’s Sustaining Power!

  136. Called~

  137. BREAKING: President Trump Releases ALL JFK Files…

  138. Halloween Havoc!: ALIAS NICK BEAL (Paramount 1949)

  139. Hope for today: but on every word

  140. Evening Meditation 10-28-17

  141. Seven Days of Black and White

  142. softly blurred

  143. Mother-in-law was kidnapped

  144. Life goals

  145. When Is it OK to Sexually Abuse Women?


  146. Caturday funnies

  147. Sunday musical offering

  148. Sunday Respite – Happy Halloween, All Soul’s Night, Samhain

  149. Christmas Comes After Remembrance Day

  150. Quote of the Day

  151. Bowe Bergdahl and his fan-boy Obama…

  152. Tropical depression set to hit on Sandy anniversary | New York Post

  153. Made in America

  154. Current News from GP Cox

  155. Quote of the Day

  156. Here’s some ‘news’ not

  157. The Glorious Chaos

  158. Jeb Bush – ‘I would kill for my Dad’

  159. Halloween gets a cat scan

  160. America’s Racial Morality Police

  161. Apologies

  162. A helpful priest

  163. Do You Know About Cempasúchil?

  164. The Most Dangerous National Security Threat No One’s Talking About

  165. Evening Meditation 10-27-17

  166. Halloween Havoc!: MAN MADE MONSTER (Universal 1941)

  167. Hope for today: train in godliness

  168. When Grief Takes A Hold ~

  169. It’s Trump’s Party Now – There Is No GOP Civil War

  170. Witnesses for Christ

  171. BREAKING: Grand Jury Approves First Charges in Mueller Investigation…

  172. Gingrich: ‘We Are Witnessing Real Corruption’

  173. [92] The Man Who Knew Nothing

  174. THIS IS US?

  175. Halloween Havoc! Extra: The CREEPY Artwork of Frank Frazetta

  176. Bold as a lion….

  177. Coffee and Poptarts

  178. Take a knee.

  179. Your presence

  180. Delete button. Or is it the divorce button.



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