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Posted on January 28, 2017


  1. Happy Caturday

  2. Quote of the Day


  4. ABC: One of many dishonest MSM who needs to take a flying leap…

  5. Donald Trump and Mike Pence speeches at GOP retreat Jan. 26th…

  6. Mexican Stand-off

  7. The swamp level is a little lower today

  8. Terrified Boy Walks Onto The Stage, Within Seconds The Entire Crowd Erupts Into Cheers

  9. Dad Takes Last Breath While Holding Newborn Baby Girl after Mom Goes into Labor Early

  10. Student hands in test. Teacher cracks up the moment she reads his ridiculous answers

  11. Doing Something Great For God

  12. America: A Revolt is in Planning

  13. America: Pray for Your President!

  14. Pray for Washington DC

  15. Portland Police Absolutely FLATTENED These Protesters Who Stopped Traffic [VIDEO]

  16. Mrs. May Goes to Washington

  17. Bartending champ shares expertise to expats

  18. Nadando sueños   (Swimming dreams)

  19. Let’s not insult women by calling that shameful nonsense a “Women’s March”

  20. Roger Corman’s Electric Kool-Aid Tangerine Dream: THE TRIP (AIP 1967)

  21. FFS! Desperate, much?

  22. Journal Entry 1099

  23. Featured Women’s March speaker kidnapped murdered raped tortured man

  24. Quote of the Day

  25. Voter Registration – Citizens Have The Right To Be Reassured Before Any More Elections In 2017

  26. Marine disappointed Keystone Pipeline not full of beer

  27. Happy birthday, Wolfgang

  28. Another Glorious Day of Trump Derangement 

  29. Billy Graham’s Daughter’s PROPHETIC WARNING After She Saw THIS At Trump’s Prayer Service

  30. Chocolate Ration Update 

  31. Quibble 


  33. SIMPLE?


  35. Mexican President demands ‘respect’ from Trump, threatens to cancel meeting – Trump calls his bluff

  36. You’re Gonna Make It After All: RIP Mary Tyler Moore

  37. Ten

  38. Die Ego Die

  39. Dear Ellen: I needed a toilet

  40. VIDEO Trump, Spicer turn tables on alt-left media

  41. Circumstances Don’t Make Or Break A Man

  42. Troubled water

  43. Trump has these top Democrats who voted for the border wall to thank

  44. So you want to be a liberal

  45. Newt Gingrich Weighs On Superior Court Nominee, Obamacare & Border Wall

  46. Quote of the Day

  47. Enemies And How To Treat Them

  48. Does subliminal messaging work?…

  49. “Now, Listen Up, You Bitter Clinger Racist Deplorables!” 

  50. ‘I will send in the Feds!’ Trump warns Chicago to fix the carnage or he will; reaction is swift

  51. A Master of Squirrels: The President and the Press

  52. Snippet of The Day 01.25.17

  53. Days into Trump admin, Veterans Affairs employees already getting fired


  55. Goodbye, Mary!

  56. Black day for nature

  57. Linda McMahon Confirmation Hearing Goes Well, Then Triple H Shows Up

  58. The Hostility of the Press

  59. General Mattis

  60. 8 Habits of a Forgiving Heart

  61. King Solomon, Wisdom Prayers for President Donald Trump

  62. Remember…

  63. Let’s Fix Our Eyes Upon Jesus

  64. “Christ is all.”

  65. VIDEO Make Constitutional Carry & Stand Your Ground Law in All States, WH Petition – Police Prefer Armed Citizens

  66. He is Going to Defend the Righteous!

  67. We Need More Airborne Rangers in Congress

  68. Daily Denver

  69. Planned Parenthood latest lie debunked – ‘We don’t provide prenatal care’

  70. SS agent’s stunning statement

  71. Happy birthday, Robbie

  72. Planned Parenthood provides much needed prenatal care…

  73. Lavender on Lavender

  74. Hollywood Ethics

  75. Pompeo Finally Seated; Schumer Shamed

  76. Frazzle Dazzle

  77. Sófocles   (SOPHOCLES)

  78. A Mother’s Guilt

  79. Franklin Graham Shares What The Media DIDN’T WANT YOU TO KNOW About The Women’s March

  80. Devastation

  81. Fighting back is hard….

  82. First World Churchian Problems

  83. Jessica Valenti throws twisted tantrum over Trump barring funding for overseas abortions

  84. Rights

  85. First Families; Transitions

  86. Faith In Action-Killing the Poor?

  87. Carl Icahn Praises Trump’s Inaugural Speech: “Our Dangerous Slide Towards Socialism Is Over”

  88. Obama’s last minute kick at Israel….and US Citizens

  89. King Solomon, Chicago Violence, School Discipline, Post Five  

  90. Growing Presence – Daily Dose of Wisdom

  91. Het Grachtenhuis (Museum of the Canals) – Amsterdam

  92. And so this is why we must fight…

  93. Monday

  94. A friend

  95. Donald Trump, A Prophet In The Making

  96. Confusion to the Camp of the Enemy!

  97. “Judge” Philippa Cunningham

  98. U.S. Pilots to rally at WH, urge blockage of export of White Collar jobs

  99. First WH Press Conference under Trump

  100. SNL writer attacks Trump family

  101. Democrats Working Hard to Commit Seppuku

  102. Quote of the Day

  103. Prey on words, part eleven

  104. I weep for Our Lord…

  105. None of Our Business

  106. Scenes from a Gay Ball

  107. RUSH: Madonna And Ashley Judd ‘TEMPER TANTRUM’ Is Not Gonna Rebuild

  108. Identity

  109. The Last Time

  110. My Reading Habits

  111. Apple Bourbon Bread Pudding

  112. Just a Thought

  113. **Something New on Godsfruitful** PLEASE take a moment to read…:)

  114. A new bill proposes removing the United States from the UN

  115. MONDAY WORD : The Breakers Are Rising (Prophetic Insight)

  116. She Bakes Cake For New Customer, But The Man Who Picks It Up Is The Last Person She Expects

  117. Tapestry of Love

  118. Oversight

  119. ONLY THROUGH LOVE (guest post)

  120. Motivational Monday Moment – 1/23/17


  122. Jo’s Monday walk : Lagoão Trail


  124. Motorcycle Culture In America

  125. Are you discouraged, just a little?

  126. It’s colonoscopy day

  127. Daily

  128. Women’s march had organizer Pro Sharia, ties to Hamas

  129. Darkness can’t understand the light

  130. Standing Up For Law and Order -All Rioters, Looters and Violent Disrupters On Notice

  131. Quote of the Day

  132. Saturday Was A Learning Day For ISIS – Trump, Mattis Taught Them A Lesson

  133. The Rabid Watchdogs

  134. Well, This Must Be Awkward…

  135. VIDEO Trumps Dance With And Has USA Military’s Back – GOP Camelot Of It’s Own

  136. Seeing Their Kindness….

  137. Sean Spicer Calls Second Press Conference to Discipline Media for Grossly Undercounting Number of Democrats Ogling Melania at Inauguration


  139. What the World Needs Now

  140. ‘Whoa!’ Pelosi says Dems are the ones ‘doing the Lord’s work,’ Republicans of faith, here’s her message . . .

  141. Trump calls left’s bluff, and they have no cards

  142. One Nation

  143. Your……

  144. Judgment is Coming to the Rebellious!

  145. Think the Butt Hurt is Over?

  146. Sunday Respite – Peacefully

  147. Protest to Protest and F-bombs

  148. Kellyanne Conway Destroys Chuck Todd

  149. The Crazy Is Strong With This One

  150. Ashley Judd’s FULL EMBARRASSING Speech at “Women’s March” In Washington DC

  151. Tweet of the Day: Man Gives Trump Protestors Verbal Slap Down…

  152. Pink Pussy Hat Wearing Women Who March™ Attempt to “Pussy Whip” America…

  153. Outgoing AG Loretta Lynch Protects The Justice Department’s Ability To Prosecute Civil Rights Cases…

  154. Some beautiful music for Sunday

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