A month of Wordless Wednesday’s-by JenSawicky.

With her permission and with my assurance that all acknowledgements shall be attributed to her, Jennifer Sawicky gave me leave to compile  Week of her ‘Wordless Wednesdays’.

Each image is linked to its original URL i.e remains on Jennifer’s Server, the first goes to its page and the thumbnails to new tabs. The Source page for each one is below the photograph.

Enjoy these beautiful windows into African wildlife.



Photo post by @JenSawicky.



Week one Source: 2016-04-13: Wordless Wednesday


Week two Source 2016-04-20: Wordless Wednesday

20160427_Wordless Wednesday

Week three Source 2016-04-27: Wordless Wednesday

20160504_Wordless Wednesday.jpg

Week four Source 2016-05-04: Wordless Wednesday