Different types of weather in 14 photos


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Timothy Allen  Clearing Skies – Kendu Family Winery Vineyards, Hwy 12, Kenwood, Sonoma County, California, U.S.A. January 23, 2015
One of two images Trosa creek or small river maybe, half frozen. From  Annas Art – FärgaregårdsAnna
Through Open Lens Home of Lukas Kondraciuk Photography  The Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway Mallard What is a duck’s favorite TV show ? The feather forecast !


Through Open Lens Home of Lukas Kondraciuk Photography       I’m quite fawned of you my deer
Waldfoto  “Nobody sees, nobody knows….”
A Stormy Night in Tucson by susanenholm   Here’s an image I took tonight as wind and rain delivered a monsoon dousing. Desert plants smiled as rainwater soaked their roots. I always wonder about the rabbits, coyotes, bob cats, birds, and javelina. Where do they take shelter from rain, wind, and lightning? Somewhere out there. . . . they will be back tomorrow.
DARKENING DESERT ARROYO Tim Allen https://allentimphotos2.files.wordpress.com/2016/03/desert-arroyo.jpg


Jen Sawicky 2016-02-24: Wordless Wednesday 
Cees Photography Learning and teaching the art of composition  Boardwalk shrouded in early morning fog
OBZERVASHUNAL  ‘I’m right as rain in the eye of the hurricane.’- K’lee L. © 2016 I was actually born during a hurricane. I can’t tell you too much about it as I was too busy focusing on making my way into the world to notice details. What I do know is I’ve always been called to storms. I’m calmed by them and nothing else in nature for me feels quite like being in the midst of one. The photo above, made into a ‘storm graphic’, is not depicting an actual storm coming. I didn’t need to change anything about the sky because that’s how it looked when I pressed the shutter on my camera. I’m pleased with what the camera saw and with what I was later able to rearrange and create what for me looks like … a coming storm. You’ll find this one hanging out over at my FAA site too. Lately, I’ve taken to creating variations- changed colors, composited additions; things like that just to… create variations. I suppose if this were an actual storm bearing down on me and my camera, I’d be okay. I like to think I’d be ‘right as rain in the eye of the hurricane’. K’lee L. © 2016 all rights reserved.
THE RUNES OF THE GATEKEEPER’S DAUGHTER “THERE WAS A TIME…” MY TALES AND PHOTOGRAPHY March 29, 2016 and more trees of course – my offering this week to Leanne Cole’s Monochrome Madness! Shake away the soggy winter!!  “Singing O Willow Waly, Till my lover returns to me” Spring has at last given this wet island a wonderful gift of wind light and shadow these last few days with the sun shining and warm between currents of storm clouds. I visited this lovely, trembling willow by the lake. When the light rays unfurled, her foliage shimmered and dripped like the sweat of the sun.
Lake Powell Moonrise
Michael Just Photographing The Great American Southwest The Earth has two Moons 



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