Best Rumi Quotes in Images that will Inspire your heart

Best Rumi Quotes in Images that will Inspire your heart

Sufi Comics- Rumi is the first of its kind to illustrate stories and poems of Rumi in graphic form. You can view sneaky snippets and get the book here.Rumi crafted spiritual wisdom, in the most beautiful of ways, and even in today’s modern age, anyone reading Rumi will find something they can relate to.

We have selected the best Rumi quotes and organised them topically. Here are some pearls of wisdom, everything from quotes about silence to courage. Enjoy!




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Crystal Clear by Joel F

Serenity captured by my lens through a beautiful lake enclosed by a snow covered mountain. Nature whispering its stillness i now understood. Questions being answered calming my mind of thunder and my pondering heart. Finally, a moment discovering the answers it’s all crystal clear now, no whys no hows. WP Photo Prompt: Solitude […]

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Who Will Fix the World? – Chassidic Thought

From the upcoming book, Wisdom To Heal the Earth.

Who is going to fix up this mess of a world? The politicians? The social workers? The philosophers? The think tanks and analysts?

Perhaps some great minds can shed some light so we can find the door. Perhaps some sensible bureaucrat may even leave the door unlocked.

But don’t wait for real change to enter through that door. Don’t wait for the academics and authorities in their ivory and steel towers to plan or enforce it. Don’t wait for those taking notes on the other side of a one-way glass to fix the world. read original article



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Who Will Fix the World? – From the upcoming book, Wisdom To Heal the Earth. – Chassidic Thought . 2017. Who Will Fix the World? – From the upcoming book, Wisdom To Heal the Earth. – Chassidic Thought . [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 12 January 2017].

Pocket Protection – Daily Dose of Wisdom


Our lives sit nestled in a pocket of natural events, sewn with the thread of outrageous miracles.

The pocket protects us: Exposed to the raw light of those miracles, we would be paralyzed with awe, incapable of continuing with life.

Tanya, Book II, chapter 4. Shavuot 5737:23. 19 Kislev 5734:3

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Timelessness Revisited-Thomas Peace

I’ve written about timelessness in the past.  Some people, one has noticed, have mistakenly abstracted that “timelessness” to be a static thing… an inert thing.  On the contrary, the beauty of timelessness is not of the lifeless, the dormant, nor the comatose.  Stagnant minds — as so many, unfortunately, are — cannot be in a relationship with it.  It is too dynamic, too alive and energetic to be in direct relationship with the listless, cold, and lackadaisical.

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A broken heart…


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A broken heart…

by toni1964blog

There are many kinds of broken hearts. Real Broken Hearts and the broken heart of love unrequited. I know a young girl who is lovely and beautiful. She is educated and very smart. More importantly, she has a heart of gold. She is a good friend, a good daughter, a good sister, and she was a wonderful girlfriend. Going to her boyfriend’s house after work and cooking dinner, being so tired but seeing him anyway. Being so kind to his mother when she was going through a rough time.

Everyone that knew her knew that this young man was just not for her. He only works sometimes, makes excuses not to go to work and complains about money. He knows nothing about romance. He is too lazy to visit her at work for lunch or bring her a coffee even though is not working. He complains when they go out because he doesn’t want to spend his money buying dinner or drinks.

He said terrible things to her that I would never put in writing. He walked out of her house over the weekend because of something very stupid. She stayed up half the night in sadness but went to work the next day anyway.

Her heart is shattered and her trust in men is nil. Wise people in her life who have gone through break ups before can see that this is probably one of the greatest things that could have happened to her. Her family is relieved but they grieve because she is heart broken and very teary from time and time. She is lonesome, and yet very young and doesn’t understand what she did to make him leave for good.

Those of us that know her know that she did absolutely nothing. He is just what we would call “a bad apple”….and we pray for her to move on quickly….

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