ignorance is bliss…

ignorance is bliss…

“Whatever the cost of our liberties, the price is cheap
compared to that of an ignorant nation.”

Walter Cronkite

Julie (aka Cookie)

(a sandpiper busy looking for breakfast / Santa Rosa Beach, FL / Julie Cook / 2016)

There’s something afoot…
I can feel it…

Something perhaps in the air…

And no,
it’s not a change in season…
It’s not an approaching weather front…

It’s simply more of a feeling…
An odd unsettling feeling…

You know…
it’s like that feeling or sense that animals seem to get just before some
impending natural disaster…such as an earthquake or some other epic trauma.

An out of sorts sort of uncomfortable feeling…

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Without longing for more-thefeatheredsleep


the modern girl had jiu-jitsu and many armored means

to defeat the old-fashioned girl inside of her, urging for

fantasy[ ]

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JULY 11, 2016

Recently changed my blog site from Kneal1poetry to Visionarie Kindness Many Blessing to all my readers. – Krissie


On the bridge  at midpoint,

My vibrations are awakening receptors;

I thought I was lost, between the concrete.

I thought I missed my exit.

I thought it was too late.

But all I had to do was,

Give in –

I give into happiness and let it take me.

I give into my childhood wings and fly.

I give into peace.

I give into joy .

Now that we have arrived, midnight has two sons.

I can see the shadows guiding me

through the tombs of sorrow’s past.

And I won’t stop to check the time.

Hurry chile, cut asunder each blistering bone.

Hurry now,  day breaks.

Through thine, eyes might we see,  how to dream,

How to be.

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Family matters

Family matters

on MAY 28, 2016

Family matters

It happened several times. With all of them. Different men within the family.

I would always smile, and play nice with everyone. I would share my toys and my food. I liked seeing others laugh, especially if I was the cause. Little Jenny was always quiet, she would just sit there and play with my doll. I wondered if the men liked her too.

I wouldn’t talk much.

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