The Executive – Art by Rob Goldstein

The alarm rang and the radio spat news.

Bonwit Teller opened his eyes to a foggy San Francisco morning.

He threw off the comforter, angrily pulled down the shades, and
crawled back into bed.

The phone rang [one hell of a night before]

Source: The Executive – Art by Rob Goldstein

Art by Rob Goldstein – Sacrament


There is no common truth


I thought if I found

the right people

If I learned about [  ]

Source: Art by Rob Goldstein – There is no common truth

Noise and Sly Comment – Art by Rob Goldstein


Over, I say over,
The sum of all
we deem holy
in pink, in pink
twitters and sly [ ]

(c) RG 2017

Source: Noise and Sly Comment – Art by Rob Goldstein

A Dream About Robert



A Dream About Robert

Robert sips his cup of green tea;

He traces words in a note-book.

A manic flips the table and shouts:

“When you’re ready to to die let me know!”

His Mother throws books at me and cries:

“Such pretty poems! But all about me!…All about me!”

I wear the chic black trench coat of mourning.

“Ya know,” I say, “I was taught to be more dispassionate.”

Robert lowers his tea-cup and smiles: “And we’re Jewish, too!”

“Yes.” I sigh. “More tea?”

Robert nods and passes me the pot.

(c) RobGoldsten 2015

Source: A Dream About Robert

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A Day in the Hospital – Part Two

This is based on a detail of a mural on Clarion Alley in San Francisco


I cross from
12 to 12:30
down to L.A.
to the flatlands

eternal youth


a snicker.

I am a file pulled as

a case

and these four walls

merge in a night of


lost in smoke…


Who is at rest?

My Mother tapped

my skull

and my brain

spilt out

dendrites to

the nearest


wrenched from skin:


RG (c) 2015

Source: A Day in the Hospital – Part Two

The Birth of the Princess Phone-Art by Rob Goldstein


I sport a Beatles haircut (fiercely lacquered into place) and a
groovy, mod wide lapel shirt with French cuffs.

I am 16 going on 17.

I don’t remember whose apartment that is but I know I was
 ‘out’ and running with the gay street kids of Charleston.

I call the abstract The Birth of the Princess Phone because one of my
nicknames on the street was Miss Bell Telephone. [read on]

Source: The Birth of the Princess Phone