How one Iowa city planted 1,000 acres of wildflowers to bring back the bees

Reports on the disappearance of bees and butterflies, and the threat that poses to our food supply and economy, have prompted many of us to reexamine our use of pesticides. In one Iowa city, park o…

Source: How one Iowa city planted 1,000 acres of wildflowers to bring back the bees

Menos de medio ambiente – El templo de Salomón


La actividad humana está alterando la salud del planeta como nunca en la historia. Cuanto más amenazadores se vuelven los problemas como el calentamiento global, mayores son los esfuerzos de los ci…

Cans in exchange for money is a salvation that comes and goes here in Australia
Cans in exchange for money is a salvation that comes and goes here in Australia


“No one, however, must impose on others their decisions in this matter, for the circumstances vary according to place and people.

Gratitude for having this beautiful planet, the humility and respect we feel for it, should motivate us to treat it with the greatest possible consideration.”

Source: Menos de medio ambiente – El templo de Salomón

Vilas na África do Sul estão ficando ainda mais maravilhosas com esses elefantes nas paredes

The elephant is considered a symbol of good luck in many regions of the world and this seems to be the real meaning of the animal to the residents of these villages in South Africa. The one who brought them to the urban setting of Cape Town was the graffiti artist Falko.

In an interview with Red Bull, Falko said that he had in his mind the intention to transform the perception of local people and show that you do not need anything more than a little paint to change the environment in which we live. The project was developed by the artist between May and October last year in various cities in South Africa and was named “Once Upon a Town” (something like “There was once a city”).

The artist does not explain why he used elephants as the motto of his graffiti, but the animal seems to fit perfectly in the scenarios he chose to develop the project.

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O elefante é considerado um símbolo de boa sorte em diversas regiões do mundo e esse parece ser o real significado do animal para os residentes destas vilas na África do Sul. Quem trouxe eles para o cenário urbano foi o grafiteiro Falko, da Cidade do Cabo.

Em entrevista ao Red Bull, Falko conta que a intenção era transformar a percepção dos habitantes locais e mostrar que não é necessário nada mais do que um pouco de tinta para mudar o ambiente em que vivemos. O projeto foi desenvolvido pelo artista entre maio e outubro do ano passado em diversas cidades da África do Sul e ganhou o nome de Once Upon a Town (algo como “Era uma vez uma cidade”).

O artista não conta o porquê de ter usado elefantes como o mote de seu grafiti, mas o animal parece se encaixar perfeitamente nos cenários escolhidos por ele…

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Mulanje: Vanishing forests


“Sometimes I wish I had lived a few hundred years ago. I wish I was one of the early pioneers, exploring new worlds and finding places that no-one had ever been. Finding somewhere untouched by human hands, where no path leads to and being in the thick of nature, wild at spirit, vast and overflowing.

I live now and watch around me, as forests are burnt down for charcoal and as thick, red mud slides down the charred mountain, a river of blood, of nature being butchered. The seasons and the years come and go. Governments change, policies change but the destruction  of nature seems constant. Our earth as we know it will never be the same. I see it disappearing, her beauty chipped away, piece by piece – destroyed by greed and the refusal to give back. To plant, to nurture and to protect.

And suddenly, it’s no longer a quest to find what’s new, but a quest to find what’s left.”

Mulanje tea estates

“Hot summer has exhausted her intent. To the last rose and the roundelay and seed. No leaf has changed, and yet these leaves now read like a love letter that’s no longer meant.” -Richard Wilbur

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