Making Peace with Problems

You know problems are part of life, don’t you? They won’t go away. I can share a simple way to deal with problems without getting all stressed up.

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Bread tags buy wheelchairs for people in need | Northern Star

CASINO couple Tony and Carol Tomek’s favourite bread is wholemeal and just by recycling the tags from the loaves they buy they will be helping provide wheelchairs for people who can’t afford to purchase them.

Ms Tomek said she had heard about someone collecting bread tags to help buy wheelchairs so she started saving them and then turned to the internet for help.

“I love being able to recycle where I can so I googled for some more information,” she said.

Ms Tomek’s search revealed a woman in South Africa named Mary Honeybun who has been collecting bread tags since 2006 and has so far provided 385 wheelchairs to those who need them.

Ms Honeybun sends more than 400kg of plastic bread tags to a recycling centre every six weeks.

“What she does is cleans and sorts all the tags and then delivers them to a polystyrene recycling plant,” Ms Tomek said.

The tags are then melted down to make picture frames, skirtings, cornices, seedling trays, coat hangers and much more.

The Rotary Wheelchair Foundation has helped Ms Honeybun source good-quality affordable wheelchairs with the proceeds.

“We don’t eat much bread, about two loaves a week, but there may be families out there who live on bread and want to do something with the tags,” Ms Tomek said.

“There would be plenty of community groups, schools and churches who use bread and for the cost of postage, are able to re-use and recycle the tags for a worthy cause.”

To recycle your bread tags, post them to Mary Honeybun, PO Box 215, Noordhoek, 7979, South Africa – or become a collecting point for your network to save on postage.

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Blue Mountains Franciscan Church has a bundle ready to go over now!!!!!


The Note On The Dumpster « discoveringandsharinggrace

Last night, I saw a  posting which included a note taped to a dumpster behind a restaurant. The note began: Dear person who is digging through this dumpster for food. The note then went on to include an invitation for the person to please come inside the restaurant for a free meal. The note included a comment about personal value.

We have all seen people looking for food. “Dumpster Diving” became a descriptive term. Sad, but descriptive.[…]

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Fearless Jo Cox – Peach of Steel

“Cox worked for charity group Oxfam before becoming a lawmaker in 2015, and several at the vigil recalled her tireless campaigning to help refugees from Syria.”- The Daily Star

The killer repeated stabbed Jo screaming,Britain first. I am sorry for the pain you’ve experienced for trying to bring justice in such an imbecile world.

On the murderer, I am supposing the killer was White because they’re using the word “loner” as a slight justification (because that IS what it is). Just like in the Charleston church-shooting where the unidentified white killer was already declared ‘mentally unstable’. I don’t know what’s wrong with media, and why the color of a group has to be justified. .[..]

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