(My) Asperger’s / autism and trust  – the silent wave


Once upon a time, I trusted everyone.  The cashier at the grocery store was the perfect audience for a monologue about my rock collection.  When I got my hair styled for Grade 2 school pictures, th…[ ]

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Simoneteffect – Pure Black & White

City, urban, people, black and white, black&white, monochrome, downtown, street life, street, street photography, shadows.

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Simoneteffect – George Gilbert Scott’s Grand Staircase

In Oils + classes this year we are preparing for a Gallery showing of Interiors in more than one perspective and the sight of this grand staircase makes me wish I could see straight, but the complexity… is tribute to the great Architect who created it and to mathematics which holds everything up.


Come and see me I am beautiful!

George Gilbert Scott’s Grand Staircase at the St Pancras Hotel, London.

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