Haiku 15 – Glitchy Artist-19 June 2017

Хайку 15

Побывав на детском утреннике,


Что живёшь дома один.


Haiku 15

Having visited a children’s morning performance,

You rejoice,

That you live at home alone.

Хайку 15

Ebbing with lessening – 19 June 2017

wings see faery star beneath the smiling moon


There are rumors

Spiked by moonshine

Privilege or disgrace

Oppression spells her full name

For the Zweig suicide guest book

A librato place

No-one can follow

Without revealing their intention

Take comfort

From people who do not care

They lacquer their unteathering

In pretty boxes with false bases

As Houdini shone the key beneath the deep

So they perfect stillness in powdered sugar

Salvaging nothing of the wreck

As salt stained and barnacled

Driftwood is recovered by shore

Ebbing with lessening

The Feathered Sleep

An Interview with Harold Norse, Part 2, Final: Who Turns These Wheels

I’d considered calling this section ‘Bobby and Harold’ because the voice on the tape is Bobby’s. Bobby always has a Southern accent. After closing the previous discussion of identity Bobby asks Har…

Source: An Interview with Harold Norse, Part 2, Final: Who Turns These Wheels

Dua Corner

Dua from Quran and Hadith The following are selected Duas from Quran and Hadith. Please note that as many of these Duas address multiple topics, the categorization isn’t necessarily accurate. Duas for Protection from Hardship and Worries Dua for remembrance of Allah during hardship Remembrance during hardship Dua for rescue from tough situations Dua to […]

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Buddha-Direct 4612: Dhamma on Air #65: The Ocean of Right Motivation


Dhamma on Air #65: The Ocean of Right Motivation


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Simile on the Ocean of Samsara @ 6:48
Ref: Samyutta Nikaya SN 35:228.

Question 193: @ 23:56
A: While dying Anagarika Dharmapala said "Let me be reborn again 25 times to share the Buddha-Dhamma"
Are such wishes advantageous and effective?
B: Are there Buddhas that arise on other planets, or is there some special aspect to earth?

Question 194: @ 25:58 A: Is Mahatma Ghandhi a Boddhisatta?
B: What is your opinion about this man, and the movie about his life?

Question 195: @ 30:51 A: Is Garden Buddha statues a good idea?
B: What is the difference between giving to a Buddha statue and personally to a Buddha?

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