Repost-P is for Polymono

Sangeetha’s Polymono
Spring paints a smile on each new day
Skies blush pink, birds fly out to play
Sun beams at plants; Oh how they sway
So pleased to keep the cold at bay
Shy blooms peep out and make new way
Safe, at peace, in earth’s lap they lay
Stirred by sounds of my soul, I pray
Spring should stay and play, come what may.

So here we are again. Andrew

David’s Polymono

David ben Alexander author 2P.🙂

Pained, I felt my wound flare
~ Part of me could not care.
‘Please’, pushed my soul, ‘let’s share…’
~ Pressed my hand ‘pon the tear-
Penned words no heart could bear
~ Peace did not find me there.

P is for Polymono- the Skeptic’s Kaddish