Darling Harbour 12th December.

A day out before a hospital visit can be very wet.

Deciding on a ferry ride and that we did…however it turned out to be one of the small Cats with no exterior wheelchair access. So no photos there.

I got a few from the end of the wharf, through the dirty glass, before embarking.

Disembarking at Pyrmont and heading for Darling Harbour, it wasn’t long before trouble struck. They were working ,supposedly, and had blocked the footpath. We went down onto the road and crossed it where Jessica’s chair caught itself up on the cracked kerb.

Driving passed many closed shops and arriving at Tumbalong Park We ducked into Harry’s Cafe de Wheels for breakfast and just escaped being very wet in deed. Putting our rain coats on we climbed up on ( figuratively) Pyrmont Bridge and Jessica used her elevator to take photos.

Really. It was a horrible day and I was happy to motor up Liverpool and Oxford Street to St. Vincent’s Private Clinic.

From the wharf
From the wharf
Parramatta Ferry
Towards the Opera House
This and the following were taken by Jessica from Pyrmont Bridge.
This one I took to show the wheelchair’s view of the world.

It was straight to bed for about 3 hours when we arrived home. We have had a virus for a week and 3 days that is still knocking us about. Not Covid but just as nasty and the doctor didn’t enlighten us as to what it is. Or where it came from. Nothing contagious remains but it is still hard to breathe.