Respite on the hill-jack vanny park

13R Marine Parade Maroubra.

I had a THR on my left leg on the 18th August and, today is sort of a celebration because I managed to walk from the Surf Club,on the Promenade to the Southern tip of Jack Vanny Park on the Headland. With my walking stick.

Today was Tuesday mornings Respite with Helen from Brazil. We are now with Holdsworth Aged Care provider, most of our Care workers live here in the Eastern Beaches area. Which is such a bonus,none of them are far from their charges.

Here at home I’m not using it much at all but I don’t yet know how far is a comfortable walk. Therefore the cane.

We saw 3 Whales this morning they were too far out to photograph. This year their migration back to colder climes is more sporadic than usual. Weather perhaps. Most will agree.

I’m not going to label my photos,today,except to say that the first photo is the view that I hoped to capture.

All taken from the bench at the Southern end of the park. They reveal a different aspect of the area because I took the House pictures over my shoulder and towards midway up the hill. I can’t identify the homes that were my focus,only that the photo was not of our usual view.


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