3 weeks in.

Total Left Hip Replacement.

The 18th August saw me both apprehensive and excited. The day of my surgery had dawned and this time the surgery wasn’t cancelled.

I am walking with my walking stick and slowly getting back to usual, however ,Physio. says I’m going too quickly. After shopping yesterday today every joint aches and I am so tired.

Jessica appeared in my bedroom far too early in the morning to ask was I going out. Well it wasn’t my intention, weekends I prefer a little lie in.

Off she went, down to the beach and had a coffee. I had feared another 5 hour day sitting on my hip in Daisy ,my transportation. (Wheelchair) .

Each time she goes out alone I worry I shall not see her alive again,her heart has become so bad. But you can’t cage a bird who loves to fly.

She was home soon enough and settled down at her computer, reprogrammed her wheelchair and went for a couple of Test Drives to check settings.

I managed to bring 2 months of financials up to date, and pay some bills. After sitting on that Computer chair I was so sore. There is still a couple of days to go but I was all Spreadsheeted out.

At Maroubra Beach this morning,messaged by Jessica.

Over the next month or so I will be spending so much time in Clinics that I am thinking of pitching a tent in the grounds of the hospital.😁

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