Pioneers and the Bali Bomb

Bali Memorial

Yesterday,14th June,Jessica and I did an 11 kilometre day,travelling between Maroubra and Malabar and back.

I have taken many photos of the Memorials over the years and have watched the trees grow; attending one Memorial Day Sunday.

The facts below are collected from the Malabar Memorial Website.

Bali Memorial Malabar

As implied, this Memorial marks ‘the terrorist bombing in Bali, Indonesia in October 2002,of those who were from Malabar.

Nine flagpoles were also installed and these are only used once a year in memory of the victims. On the Sunday closest to the 12 October each year, the local community gathers to celebrate the lives that were lost. The nine Australian flags that covered the coffins of the victims are flown on this day only.’ Bali Memorial Malabar

Bali Memorial Malabar a tree for each person

“This memorial is dedicated to Cathy Seelin, Gerry and Steve (Fish) Buchan and all those who lost their lives in the bombings in Bali.

These long-term Malabar residents were tragically killed in the bombing of the Sari Club in Kuta, Bali on 12 October 2002.( For all had holidayed together)

They will always be remembered and loved by their families, friends and the community in which they lived.

2 February 2003

Other Memorials around the Eastern Beaches enumerate the 81 other Australians who died in Bali that day.”

Lower Bali Memorial at Dolphin Point Coogee. There is another upon the Point itself.

The Memorial at Coogee lists all 88 with their birth dates, it is inside the entrance to the Giles Baths.


There are two Parks just before Malabar proper and they are Cromwell Park and Pioneer Park. It was in Pioneer Park where I took most of the Images for Cee’s FOTD challenge June 14th. ( Pioneer Park web)

The pioneers are John and Alice Anderson, Thomas and Elizabeth Ivin, Harold Fletcher, Henry Weir, Alexander Graham, James Welch, Patrick Gray, Henry and Ellen Wilson, and Darcy and Lillian Wilson

Now, I had expected to discover their stories,however many others of the same name but in different cities and countries are discoverable though not our Pioneers. Curious.

To finish with the remainder of the photos, all from the Beach head.

My post though the information was gathered from the www.

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