Reynisdrangar sea stacks and Reynisfjara beach, Iceland

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Reynisdrangar sea stacks and Reynisfjara beach, Iceland

Scenes of jagged coastline majesty are widespread in Iceland, but their abundance does not detract from the beauty of each and every vista. The craggy basalt pillars known as Reynisdrangar must be at the top of the scenic list. These bizarre sea stacks cast dark outlines on the horizon just offshore near the town of Vk. A huge expanse of black sand beach and green, towering hills make up this mystical setting. And we’re not being sarcastic about the legendary aspect – these sea stacks are associated with more than one mythology. There are at least two genesis myths, both of which, predictably for Iceland, feature trolls. Whatever (or whoever) constructed them, Reynisdrangar makes a significant contribution to what has been dubbed one of the world’s most stunning non-tropical beaches.
Sea Stacks

According to legend, the stacks formed when two trolls unsuccessfully pulled a three-masted ship to land, and when dawn broke, they turned into needles of rock.

The account of a husband who found his wife stolen by the two trolls, frozen at night, is mentioned in modern legends. The spouse made the two trolls swear that they would never kill anyone again. His wife was the passion of his life, but he couldn’t give a home for her free spirit, so she ended herself out among the trolls, rocks, and sea at Reynisfjara.

Hvítserkur í Húnafirði-Árni Gunnarsson, CC BY-SA 3.0 <;, via Wikimedia Commons

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Among geological features of Vatnsnes are Borgarvirki, a volcanic plug mentioned for its use as a fortress in the Sagas of Icelanders, and Hvítserkur, a 15 m high basalt rock formation near the eastern shore of the peninsula

The rock has two holes at the bottom, giving it the appearance of a dragon drinking. To safeguard the stack’s foundations from the sea, the base has been reinforced with concrete.

Several bird species, including gulls and fulmars, continue to reside in Hvtserkur, which gets its name (“white shirt” in Icelandic) from the hue of the guano deposited on its rocks.

Vatnsnes (Icelandic pronunciation: ​[ˈvasːˌnɛːs]) is a peninsula jutting into Húnaflói in northern Iceland. It is surrounded by waters of Miðfjörður on the west and Húnafjörður on the east. It is home to one of the largest seal colonies in Iceland, among others at Hindisvík and Ósar. Seals have been protected for many years in Hindisvík. A stone hut was built at Ósar on the eastern side of the peninsula for seal watching.

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