My first poetry David ben Alexander

My First Poetry Reading

Posted on September 27, 2021,by David ben Alexander, the skeptic’s Kaddish.

David [ben Alexander]

NOTE FROM ANDREW. I tend to post my reblogs here,unless of a Religious Nature. However this is an adventure during a Feast and Commemoration. SUKKOT.

Poets of Babel

By very happy coincidence, Shoshana Sarah, whom I discovered ~2 weeks ago here on WordPress lives only five buildings down from me.

It’s a funny thing… Not so long ago, I was kvetching here about not connecting with any Israelis on WordPress, despite having met so many friends throughout the world; and then, purely by chance, I stumbled upon Shoshana’s poetry group here in Jerusalem (‘Poets of Babel’).

Shoshana and I established a correspondence, and she informed me that Poets of Babel meets several times annually. I wasn’t expecting a get-together any time soon, but, as chance would have it, Shoshana arranged a poetry reading in her family’s sukkah (traditional booth for the Jewish Festival of Sukkoton Sunday, Sept. 26; and she graciously invited me last Wednesday.

Shoshana Sarah’s sukkah, Sept. ’21

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