Mot kulöra viskningar.

Against coloured whispers

Tunna skrik mellan asfaltens partiklargråtande persienner mot nedtyngd metallgatlyktornas aura vittnar om en färglös hinnavandrande siluetter, frustrerade, lågasom om senapsgula mopeder slutade fly…

Thin screams between the particles of the asphalt,
weeping blinds against the weighted metal, the
aura of the street lamps testifies to a colorless film of
wandering silhouettes, frustrated, low
as if mustard-yellow mopeds stopped fleeing.

Roads without content, white lines without access
Without end and perspective

no drive either.

If the flight was geometry
, the circle is free

Drops along the sky
where bricks go against yellow
dew against frozen cotton

When the anxiety subsided.

Source: Translated Mot kulöra viskningar.

Source: Mot kulöra viskningar.

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