Down the Rabbit Hole – Fb.

HERE IT IS! Watch ten days and over 100 hours unfold in this time lapse of the Alice in Wonderland Tribute Mural! Please let me know what you think! I truly appreciate all of your support ❤️🙏🐇🏁🌳
HUGE shoutout to one of my very best friends, mentors, and the first professional artist to inspire me to live my dreams, Martha Hale Stoetzer. Martha crushed it with me from start to finish. She brought each character to life with her incredible detail work and contributed a great deal of time and energy to see this through.
It seems like just yesterday I was a teenager watching Martha paint a mural in our house, and it is an honor 20 years later to be painting by her side. Thank you for everything you did to make this happen and for supporting me in all ways.
Music by Daniel Berkman on Bandcamp!