Crawley Edge Boatshed

The Blue Boat House, also known as the Crawley Edge Boatshed, is a boathouse on the Swan River in Crawley, Perth, Western Australia. The boatshed, a well-known landmark, was built in the 1930s and has been mostly owned by the Nattrass family since the 1940s.

History: The boatshed was constructed in the 1930s. It was first purchased by the Nattrass family in 1944, when Roland and Joyce Nattrass bought the land behind it to build their family home. The real estate agent insisted on purchasing the boatshed in addition to the land for an extra five pounds.

Roland Nattrass, a patron of the Perth Sea Scouts, gifted the boatshed to Ron Armstrong in 1972. Around the original boatshed, a slightly larger one was constructed. Barry Kollman, a sailor from the Royal Perth Yacht Club, took over ownership of the boatshed in the 1990s.

Tourism: The boatshed has become an Australian symbol and a must-see destination for tourists visiting Perth from Asia in the twenty-first century. The hashtag #blueboathouse had hundreds of Instagram posts as of June 2019. According to a CNN article from the same month, the boatshed was the most photographed tourist attraction in Perth, ahead of Elizabeth Quay, Cathedral Square, and Barrack Square’s Bell Tower. Another story on the website The Conversation same month claimed that the boatshed had become Perth’s second-most popular tourist selfie place, and that social media marketing around the boatshed had produced global awareness about Perth worth millions of dollars……Wikipedia Crawley Edge Boathshed

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