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Anji County(,Chinese: ; pinyin: nj Xiàn) is a county in the prefecture-level city of Huzhou in north-west Zhejiang province, People’s Republic of China, with a population of 461,800 as of the end of 2013. It has been designated as a pilot county for environmentally friendly and green construction.

Hangzhou is 65 kilometres away from Anji. Traveling by bus to Hangzhou in the 1990s took more than two hours. Anji was isolated from the rest of Zhejiang Province by poor transportation, and its economy remained underdeveloped for many years. Highways between Hangzhou and Huzhou were established between 1997 and 2000, and highways connected to National Highway G318 were built between 2000 and 2002. Within its borders, provincial roadways were also enlarged. Now that the highway system that runs the length of the border has been built, getting to Shanghai, Nanjing, or Suzhou takes less than three hours, and getting to Hangzhou and Huzhou takes less than one hour. Some people of Anji have tried to follow the path of sustainable development by creating eco-friendly agriculture, manufacturing, and tourism, as well as constructing an eco-friendly city.(Paraphrased Anji County Wikipedia


Ecology-Friendly Industries

When it comes to establishing ecological tourism, locals are naturally drawn to environmentally friendly agriculture and industries. They are able to cultivate pollution-free green products such as bamboo shoots, white tea, alpine vegetables, and flowers by taking full advantage of their favourable environment and temperature. Green product production bases have been established, as well as specialised agriculture markets and extensive wholesale marketplaces. Agricultural viewing gardens with leisure activities have also been built to supplement ecological tourism. Pollution-free items now account for 40% of the market, with a per capita revenue of $20,000…..[..](Ecology Friendly Industries – Wikipedia )

Source: Anji County – Wikipedia