Blue throated bee eater

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The Blue-throated Bee-eater is a bird in the bee-eater species. They can be found in subtropical and tropical mangrove ecosystems all over Southeast Asia. Bees, wasps, and dragonflies make up the bulk of their diet. Blue-throated bee-eaters are small with a red nape, dark green wings, light green breast, and blue throat. Adult plumage includes a dark green head and wings, as well as light green breasts. They have a diverse repertoire of songs and sounds, including longcalls that allow them to communicate across long distances in the forest.

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A bright green insect hunter with a long bill and triangular starling-like wings. Adult has a bright blue throat, orange-brown crown and nape, and long trailing central tail feathers. Sexes are alike. Juveniles have a paler blue throat, no orange-brown coloration, and no long tail extensions. Often hunts from exposed perches such as telephone lines or snags, on which it rubs its venomous quarry so as to disarm it. Call is a bright, inflected “chileep.”POWERED BY MERLIN

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