Taken by Vicky from Kincare
Original Monday, 18 March 2019
Monday Murals – Frangipani Girl – Bondi

These photos were taken during my visit to Sydney in October 2018, when I(sami Colourful world blog spot) visited Sculpture by the Sea in Bondi BeachSydney.The Bondi Graffiti Wall became popular in the late 70’s with graffiti and street artists, and in the last decade has became a legal space for artists to display their work.Artists have to apply to the Council to secure a spot, which is awarded for 6 months, and then the spot gets painted over by a new artist.

Frangipani Girl:Painted in 2003, it honours local 15 year old Chloe Byron, one of the 202 people who died in a bomb attack at the Sari Club in Bali on 12th October 2002. She was know for her active participation in many local sporting clubs and a Bondi surfer with her Dad David. 

Taken by Vicky from Kincare

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