Moscow Idaho

Bing 6 May 2021

Moscow, Idaho created 31st July 2017 By USEE1776 – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Moscow Idaho – Bing images

Moscow (/ˈmɒskoʊ/ MOS-koh) is a city in northern Idaho along the state border with Washington, with a population of 23,800 at the 2010 census. The county seat and largest city of Latah County,[4] Moscow is the home of the University of Idaho, the state’s land-grant institution and primary research university.

It is the principal city in the Moscow, Idaho Micropolitan Statistical Area, which includes all of Latah County. The city contains over 60% of the county’s population, and while the university is Moscow’s dominant employer, the city also serves as an agricultural and commercial hub for the Palouse region.

Along with the rest of northern Idaho, Moscow is in the Pacific Time Zone. The elevation of its city center is 2,579 feet (786 m) above sea level. Two major highways serve the city, passing through the city center: US-95 (north-south) and ID-8 (east-west). The Pullman-Moscow Regional Airport, four miles west (6 km), provides limited commercial air service…[..] Moscow, Idaho – Wikipedia

Moscow, Idaho – Wikipedia

History:– After the Civil War, community miners and farmers started to arrive in northern Idaho. In 1871, the first permanent settlers arrived in the Moscow district. Because of it’s abundance of camas bulbs, a favourite fodder of pigs brought by farmers, the area was dubbed “Hog Heaven.” The town was known simply as “Paradise Valley” when the first US post office opened in 1872, but the name was changed to “Moscow” in 1875. Paradise Creek, which originates at the west end of the Palouse Range, flows south to the Troy Highway, then west to Pullman, where it joins the South Fork of the Palouse River, bears the name Paradise.

Name :- The exact root of the name Moscow has been debated by name historians. There is no conclusive evidence that it is linked to Russia’s capital, though numerous accounts say it was named after the Russian city on purpose or by Russian immigrants. According to one source, the word “Masco” comes from a Native American tribe. Five local men met to choose a proper name for the area, but they couldn’t agree, according to early settlers. The town’s official papers were then completed by the postmaster, Samuel Neff, who preferred the name Moscow. Neff was born in the city of Moscow, Pennsylvania, and later relocated to the city of Moscow, Iowa. By 1875, the town had  a commercial district that served as a regional economic hub. The Oregon Railroad and Navigation Company (later the Union Pacific) and the Northern Pacific railway lines helped the town grow to 2,000 people by 1890.

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