Carnuntum – Reborn City of Emperors

Okay, what do we mean by Carnuntum?

What is that? Well, Carnuntum was one of the most important Roman army camps and settlements of its time on the Danube river in the Noricum province and after the 1st century the capital of the Upper Pannonia province.

Its remains are situated in Lower Austria halfway between Vienna and Bratislava on the so-called “Archaeological Park Carnuntum”, extending over the area of 10 km² near today’s villages Petronell-Carnuntum and Bad Deutsch-Altenburg.

Every kid growing up in Austria will remember going on a field trip to Carnuntum, the Roman City of Ruins. I still remember walking across the path ways, across stones much much older than I was or my family. I still remember glancing over walls and across buildings that are not more than ruins anymore, imagining how people, long gone and lost, have lived and breathed and survived every day.