Love of winter

George Wesley Burrows (Bellows) (1882 – 1925)

George Wesley Bellows wearing a hat.

wikipedia – about George Wesley Bellows

Stylised reproduction

Love of winter
Date: 1914 Artist: George Wesley Bellows
American, 1882–1925

In January 1914 George Bellows wrote to a friend, “There has been none of my favorite snow. I must always paint the snow at least once a year.” Soon after, on February 13, a major blizzard hit New York City, inspiring the artist to paint Love of Winter. He used bright reds, yellows, and greens to intensify the winter scene and broad, slashing brushstrokes to convey movement, wind, and speed. The energetic group of skaters and onlookers, composed of people of a range of ages and social classes, reflects the diverse populations who enjoyed the public parks and the leisure activities they offered in early 20th-century New York City.

CC0 Public Domain Designation

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