The Retezat National Park Rumania

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The Retezat National Park (Romanian: Parcul Naţional Retezat) is a protected area (national park category II IUCN) located in the Retezat Mountains in Hunedoara county, Romania.


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It is very important to know the history of the area in order to be able to observe the progress and effort made over time by nature lovers and their success in protecting and preserving the natural values of the Retezat National Park.

Before the Agrarian Reformation of 1922, on part of the Retezat Massif there was a hunting fund of Her Majesty the King’s House, administered by the Royal Hunters Directorate, which is indivisively owned by the Romanian State and the Kendeffy Grof family. Since 1880, logging (shaved spruce cuttings) has been carried out in the area, with Italians brought by the forest owners, the Kendeffy family, from The Pecal, in the province of Udine. Free floating was practiced on the Great Lupusnicul, the Little Lupusnicul and later on the Şes River. Dams for water accumulation (zatons) existed at Rotunda, Drăganu, Branu and on the River Şes. At Brazi there was a “graft” for catching wood, and at the Bell there was a sawmill. The reforestation was made, by the care of the owner, with wooding material
from the nurseries of Gura Zlata, Gura Waters and Lunca Berhinei. Also at the beginning of the century, grazing with large cattle was first experienced, starting with the pasture of the Slăve.[ ]


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