The Latest on Covid 19 and Blairs.

Selfie at the North Headland.- before maskings

By now the isolating is non causing us many issues. Since we both have an Age Care Package we are carefully monitored by our Careworkers who cannot use public transport, nor transport us by car unless for Medical Appointments and to Shop.

Other than our visits to the Prince of Wales Hospital and the Walsh’s centre we have not been out of our own suburb since the beginning.

We do not use public transport ourselves. Rather we have been using the Community Bus who take our temperatures each journey,my temperature is a steady 36.3.

Our health is not in the best of condition, I am very tired and had shortness of breath back in May which took me around the corner for Tesing. Negative which is great, howeer they sent me to hospital for a barrage of tests and then said I was too complicated.

Jessica had her eye surgery on 22nd July, torn retina and macular. These were attended to and thus far all is well.

We have got to know our neighbours better and we have a safe place to be.

The Hub, which is our Community centre is providing free fruit and vegetables each week. After several months of being closed they are now open for the G.P.,Podiatrist, Hairdresser,Beginners quilting and Mindfulness.

Mindfulness is a technique of relaxation which takes place each Friday, socially distanced the group can manage up to 8.

Every second Thursday I have two hours gardening with a Carer. I hate gardening and thought this would be an encouragement.

It is now looking quite well with several new plants, and a good weeding and removal of a ground cover that had a strngle hold on everything.


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