Dryocampa rubicunda,

Rebecca Lavoie recently shared on her Twitter account images of an unexpected visitor on the deck of her home: an extremely colorful moth, with a fluffy yellow furry body and pink wings.

It sounds like a lie, but I assure you that the maple rosy moth is real. Also known by its Latin name Dryocampa rubicunda, as the nickname suggests, this insect likes to relax in maple trees.

Unfortunately, they are native to North America, so if you don’t live there, you’re less likely to encounter this beautiful creature, and you’ll probably have to settle for the slightly more dull gray versions that fly towards your light in the light. At night.

Rebecca, on the other hand, is much luckier. Not only did she see one of these moths, but two of them, who seem to love her backyard, as they continue to visit her(and notice how they seemed to follow the guidelines for social distancing perfectly).

The carnival animals were very successful on the internet; only the initial American post received 565 thousand likes.
Is that you?
What did you think of these beauties? source: via [BoredPanda]