The Pearls of Life

The Pearls of Life bring the Book of Leviticus which lists many types of sacrifices to be brought by the individual and the community. The Likutei Halachot teach that that the sacrifices correspond to the Act of Creation, when God separated good from bad. So too, the sacrifices separate good from evil. The sacrifices are considered the “food of the King.” This “food” counters evil desires, especially avarice. The sacrifices are also a form of charity, mirroring the concept of “sacrificing” one’s wealth to God. Giving charity breaks the trait of avarice, since it helps a person recognize that all of his earnings are provided by God. The animals blood was offered was offered upon the Alter as an expression of regret for the “hot blood” that possessed the person and caused him to sin. Today, even without the Temple, we can still bring sacrifices. These are a person’s unending desire and longing to serve God. So powerful are these positive expressions of will that they subdue the forces of evil.


Adapted from the Likutei Halachot by Yeshiva Pirchei Shoshanim