Mental health forum

What does it look like?

A whirlwind.

Whirlwind, 61 km NE of Broome, Western Australia
  • Stress
  • Coping with everyday living.

Mental health problems.

Anxiety depression trauma.

  • Major changes in mind thought behaviour.
  • Thinking about coping,but no such thing. Affects mental health.
  • Grief,little things. Giving space -can affect every other health,circumstances.
  • Living in certain environmental conditions.
  • Public Housing run around. Kay’s – Lexington place.
  • Well being, availability of access to change in environment.

Results of stress,

How do I know I am stressed?

  • Internalizing –
  • apathy,environment,depression.
  • Binge eating or not eating,
  • not sleeping or taking refuge in bed. Contagion from others.
  • Personal hygiene.
  • Apathy , the little things.
  • Missing appointments.
  • Fasard ,cannot make rational decisions.
  • Complaining about business.
  • Gambling,lethargy,
  • self managing money,
  • appointments,life in general- shut ins.

Long waiting times for my Aged Care. (Telephone ACAT directly.)

Coping with one’s stress does not help others in our relationships,wife,children etc.

Prolonged Stress.

  • Deterioration of personal,self worth,
  • self harm, little things seem meant personally , red lights.
  • Change of perspective.
  • Anxiety,the “Have I” questions- fight,flight,fear.

Anxiety as a condition. Clinical Anxiety. Anxiety as a spur.

CBT,is commonly used as treatment. Ask ” are you Okay.”

  • Using ‘me time’ usefully.
  • Safe spaces.
  • When people control your life,doctors,family.
  • G.Ps who do not bulk bill . Seek those Gp. interested in MH.

Mental Health practitioners.

  • Alied health,
  • Psychiatrist,
  • psychologist.
  • Teaching Hospitals, they can help,what can they do.?What are they permitted to do? Remote areas,nurse practitioners,



Difference between Male or female ,Culture- physical condition,self harm ,self depreciation.

  • Life Line 131114
  • 000
  • 1800011511-24 hrs. Mental health line
  • Persist with the 1800 number.
  • Keep safe. Contained,Calm Strategy.

Different behaviour between men vs women. Crisis Centres for men.

Suicide ideation.

5 stages of reaching out or out with a bang.Invisible, silent, Significant young Australians committed suicide last year. Confidential access in remote areas.

Young people and drugs. Who is your safe person? People- Mixing drugs with medication. It will never happen to me. Reality base. Practical.      SOCIAL MEDIA.


Response to a deep seated issues,child abuse,fires, floods. Overwhelming stress . PTSD. Soldiers. Shells of themselves. Emerges from other situations. Smells,sounds,storms may trigger trauma memories.


Community Treatment Orders. TBC