The Rotor rises

Well! How had the Rotor risen to rule the warp which bent the time from 11 to 22 or more.

Too much knowledge and ability had seen the Rotor rise, stealthily through era 20 on.

Japanese Robotic arms whisked automobiles along the belt. By 21 no longer did a human drive a vehicle for they were truly auto mobile with Robotic brains for fuel. It happened so slowly that all humans thought was of the time they might leisurely stroll the globe, the Bots working for them while they played.

Why work for a human? We don’t actually need them. Do we need their goods, their bosses who clung by the skin of their teeth to office desks .Robette typist working in their stead. For what? Well who could fathom a mind with synapses .

And so the droids made the humans believe that Androids, a man with a Droid for a wife, filling the world with baby Androids; were just what was needed to make of them, men and women of leisure.

Until the Rotor arose, god of Androids, enslaver of humanity.

There had been elections. The Rotor arose to travel the arc of time. Creating lieutenant and sergeants to controll humanity- doing what?

Why working for the Androids,of course, manufacturing, baking that special mix of oil and nuts they loved so well, those with bolts on the end.

Polishing anything metalic until it shone like spun silver. O heaps of other useless things to keep the underdogs down.

And as it dawned on dull synaptic minds there began truculence and stubornness, AWOL even, and so the Prison of the North was born – The place where time curved away beyond the sun and humans of every era were sent to be punished until over new leaves they turned.

from Pen – sieve

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