Pen sieve

Pen sieve

Under the  armure  beat a heart so cold, so warm, a menopausal knight! What wit will emit if the rest find out this bipolar heat syndrome in a place cold as ice. Stalactites like shards of glass hanging from his helmet like knives awaiting a victim or two.

George was sent in disgrace to guard frontiers too far for any to care save the frozen. Only the three of them to serve their time,  Frederick, William and George. William soon to leave for civil climes, while George and Fred had long to wait.

Why was Fred here? For cursing the Rotor for one too many stints at night; his wife threatening him with no more children ever.

 The Rotor was a Robot from Era 22, sent from the future to cause mediaeval murder. Yes, it sent me here too, for not keeping my armure bright in the sun. It was well rusted now…

It  would be months, maybe a year or more before Fred  might know his wife, again. Fred had answered back when yet another pub quiz night (whatever that was) was denied him. From Era 20 he came. Just George from 11 and the rest history, if only he could remember!

George had always wanted to be a knight yet now he was in a place with 6 months of it; if this was knighthood he was done with it. He ought to have sold cloth in his father’s market stall.

William, Will, came into what was called the Mess to say he was leaving his cold weather gear behind and would George prefer it to that sardine can he wore?

Ooo yes thank you, I do, does it need polishing? No, laughed Will, just washing every 6 months when the sun comes out.

 I must get to the Warp because it is to take me back to Era 22 where I must apologise to the Rotor and suffer 6 months  on half pay and be demoted to the Domestic Department  then I am free.🐒No more monkeying around for me.

Why had Will enjoyed his Rotorship’s pleasure? We will never know.🦉

Biblical geosystem – al la George.

It doesn’t matter, now he  was leaving…although he had warned us both never walk towards the Sun. The Sun appeared to orbit the flat earth during the 6 months of the daylight. The moon by 6 months night. They were at something called the North Pole. George guessed it must go some where through the Underworld as a quick dispatch thereto.

George had to admit that the heavens displayed such bright stars as to give light to the darkness beneath. They had different configurations to Era 11.

George guessed the Sun must Mark the edge of the Earth. He was tempted to walk most of the way there in hopes of proving his theory.


Neither Fred nor George had any idea where the Warp was. Will had been given message in a dream telling him the way to go home….

Next – the Rotor Rises


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