I dreamt

I am awakened by a racket in the kitchen and when I investigate I discover my deceased father and wife Jessica fighting over the oven.

I am not surprised by the presence of the dead rather the huge amount of food stacked on a nearby chest.

I decide to go out into the garden and find the reason for all the food. In a semicircle of plastic chairs are seated about 8 or 9 dark haired children. Some are eating the food prepared back in the kitchen while one little One has nothing. Strangely enough they are eating Apple turnovers with cream. I go off at a run because the kitchen by now is nowhere in sight.

I don’t get very far before I collapse, my legs giving way, in their now accustomed way, I fall to the ground and lie I my face, the way I landed. I struggle with my legs from the hips, to no avail. Shortly two women come over to me who say to me that I musn’t move and they are going to fetch my mother, also longed deceased.

I am able to turn over onto my back and find I am watching wind surfers riding the clouds, with a big white rectangle for a sail.

I am joined by at least 4 dark headed boys, some hale and whole, others missing limbs from birth. An older boy with upper arms and legs only shuffles around to the right hand side of my head. I embrace him and he grows taller in it. I say to myself “I have embraced a cripple” he feels the words and stiffened while I feel shameful.


There is an I.D. bracelet in my hand, broken, written partly in Arabic. A small boy, wearing shorts but no top comes to look over me at it. He says I can read Arabic. I fumble with the bracelet to get it untwisted and he repeats himself.

I am awakened by the fridge reversing in the kitchen,and Jessica calling out from the w.c. for me to close the freezer door .

Here ends the dream.